Another year has come and another great event is before us. For some of you this will be your first one, and for others your first event even. All you really have to remember is to smile and have fun, and then everything else will follow. Of course you have to eat and pedal, but smiling really is the most important.


The team I rode with had an incredible ride on Sunday and from what I have heard from the other coaches it sounds like we are ready to fly!!


It is no surprise to me that we felt good- that is what rest weeks do for you. This week we want to hang on to that feeling with out wasting our selves in any way. Also this week it is really important that you stay hydrated and that you eat well all week. Please be that kid with the water bottle in your classes and that kid who eats the good lunch. Be on top of the little things.


The little things are eating well, getting to bed on time, staying hydrated, not horsing around too much at school, doing your homework on time so you do not have to stress. If you do these little things they add up to big things. These are the things that you can control that can make big differences.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Endurance ride


Wednesday– Endurance ride. 3:45 start and a 4:30 start.


After practice at 6pm, I will  be heading to the convention center to pick up my number. I will be back by 7pm. You may come with me and Damiano or you can get your number after school on Thursday.


Thursday– No practice– Team dinner at Leo and Cara’s house or really Chris and Shermans. Daniela will post more info about this later this week.


Saturday– EL TOUR!!!!!!!


Question- What line has George crossed?




8 Responses to “El Tour Week”

  1. Ana

    The line that separates man and bum
    i will not be able to make it on Tuesday due to my NJHS assembly. i will go on Wednesday
    Tyler, I was first. The swag is all mine now!

  2. sam A.

    The line that separates man and bum. (sitcom laugh) You are now a bum. (sitcom laugh)
    i am exited for the Tour.

  3. Nick Harris

    The line that crosses man and bum. It was in the the cylinder of the receptacle.

  4. TBC Steve

    Hey gang..El Tour bike-swag check:
    -Make sure your tires are not shredded and tread is good; roads could be slick and very wet.
    -Chain and cassette are cleaned
    -Wheels not wobbly-do they need some truing?
    -(2) spare tubes each rider and CO2 or a pump
    -Brakes adjusted..not rubbing rims
    -Saddle height right, seat post snug.
    -RAIN GEAR check to make sure ya got it because it could be a WET one on Sat.
    -Bring a good attitude to the start line and it will be fun!

  5. Logan

    The line that divides man and bum. Seinfeld. One tv show that is actually funny.

  6. Ben S.

    The line that divides man and bum.

    Will someone be at the clubhouse on Thursday? I would like to get my bike then.