This is the 4th and final race. As you all know we are in the running for some podium spots and I hope we all dreaming just a bit more.


I will be out of town starting tomorrow so I will need everyone to be just a bit more helpful and kind to make this all work. I have full confidence that you all will have a great time.


On Saturday please meet at the clubhouse at 10am. I have already packed the trailer of sleeping bags, tents and mats. However if you typically bring one, please continue to do so. Also there are pumps, gu’s, drink mix, tires, feed zone bottles and everything you should  need in there as well. The only thing you should have to do upon arrival is pack your bags and bikes. Everything else should be in there.


I am hoping to get you all on the road by 10:30am. The drive should take about 3 hours, so you should be at the the site by 1:30-2pm.


Daniela with the red van, Steve and Liz Hanes will be driving there truck, Chuck Michelle will have her car and Damion will have his car. This should be enough space for everyone, as my minivan will not be going and all of that material will have to go in different cars. Please parents be at the clubhouse at 10am so we can figure out where things go.


The red van and trailer will be there however Daniela should be on the Shoot Out with Chloe and Cole and she will be ready to go at 10:30am. So again everyone just be as helpful as you can.


Upon arrival to the race your pre-ride should be the first thing you do. After that get your tents up, get showered, help with dinner, eat, and go to bed. Rest well everyone and dream big!!


If you do not know this already all information about the race, the league and standings can be found at


Also Please do not forget that Monday the 11th is Chloe’s birthday. She would like to go on an epic ride, since there is no school. Let’s all get out and show her a great day! If I was in town, oh boy, I would even take her to Bobo’s, or something really cool like that.

Gear List
Riding Gear Camp gear
Quantity Item Quantity item
2  Riding shorts 1 tent
2 El Grupo and High school  jersey 1 sleeping bag
1 Long finger gloves 1 sleeping mat
0 short finger gloves eating bowl
0 Camel Pak eating utensil
2 Spare tube thermal mug
1  helmet 1 head lamp
1  mtb zero Nothing electronic
road bike Cards OK
1 pump
1 Riding shoes Hygiene
arm warmers you always need
thermal base layer these things
riding vest small towel Tooth brush
1 multi tool sunscreen tooth paste
patch kit shampoo soap
2 water bottles
extra jersey Race/ Event Info
Start time of event
Camp Clothes Sunday 11/10/13 8am
web site of event
Quantity Item
 toque projected leaving the clubhouse time and date
1  sunies- sunglasses Saturday 11/9/13 10:30am
1  pants projected getting home from event time and date
1  shorts Sunday 11/10/13 6pm
1 warm jacket/ sweatshirt Other drivers going and their phone #’s
 wind breaker/ rain coat
1 walking shoe
3  socks Weather Forcast
wool sock hi low
1 Team t-shirt 85 58
2 short sleeve shirt
1 long sleeve shirt
Remember everything other than your tent and sleeping bag MUST fit into a normal size duffel bag!
Ignacio cell # 520-349-1701  DANIELA’S CELL:  520-304-9682 0

6 Responses to “High School MTB Race #4 and Chloe’s Birthday”

  1. kyle

    From Michelle, I would love to go on an epic birthday ride with Chloe but only if it’s Tyler’s route !

  2. daniela

    Not familiar with “medea” Tyler 🙂 I was thinking a little bit later start…8am? I will check in with Chloe and let folks know what we decide. That will determine if it is for everyone.

  3. Lanning Household

    eight sounds great for how long will be this ride?
    and what is the route plan?