The intent of today’s practice is to just get your legs spun out and loose. This is a recovery day with maybe an opener or two but not much. I want us feeling very fresh for the weekend.


I want this ride to be done on mountain bikes. This gives us a chance to make sure our bikes are ready to go and to get us “feeling” them again.


I will not be at practice so please be very kind to the coaches on hand.


I would suggest that you guys take a long way to Himmel Park. Then the racers should ride some laps at recovery speed just cruisin. Make sure your bike works. Do an opener then just pedal.


My non-racers though should do two- 10min races. Racers make sure they give good efforts, not by riding with them, but by cheering them on. They too are getting ready for races to come.



4 Responses to “Thursday November 8th”

  1. sam A.

    What if i wasn’t here on Wednesday. Should I still do this
    -Sam A

  2. TBC Steve

    I will be there to help for the Thursday ride..see everyone at the clubhouse!

    PLEASE BRING LIGHTS!..esp. flashing tail lights and decent bar or helmet lights. Last time we rode home in nearly total darkness (I was guilty too!)..not safe w/o lights.