Well that was wet. I hope you all have enjoyed telling your stories. A memory like this will last a lifetime. Well earned ones always do.


To everyone one of you who gave it your best shot, you have all learned what you are made of. The determination that it took to finish was not of normal people. You are not normal people. To those that stuck it out, finished, or until they were frozen you are special people that understand determination that few in this world will ever know. I know first hand what I saw. The kids and adults on my team had no business finishing. They were frozen and cold for hours, but they did. Any medical personal would have stopped us all at mile 80 for sure, but I would not have it. We finished together as a team, as we are supposed to, like we were meant to, and only because we wanted to. We were all wet, cold, and miserable. No body felt good, or was warm. That is what I know, and that is what I have heard from every other coach who had the pleasure of riding with this team. Thanks You to ALL!


You are not normal people.


Practice Schedule:


Tuesday– Recovery ride, or if you have not yet, clean, lube and fix your bike. I want to make sure that all bottom brackets come out of our bikes, all chains and cassettes get cleaned and everything else lubed. After a ride like that our bikes are hammered and they need some love. So please either do that tonight if you have not, or be prepared to do that on tomorrow.


Wednesday– Cross practice.


Thursday– No Practice.


Friday- Mt. Lemmon if you are in town.


Saturday– Shoot Out


Sunday– Cross race here in Tucson.


Question: What does Theo want to be?



It doesn’t look like he had a rain coat on





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  1. Ana

    A regular person
    Tomorrow, I will go to take care of my bike 🙂
    I’m so excited for cross race, it sounds fun