I apologize for getting this post up late. Damiano and I had a great time in Florida, and I am very happy that we went. I learned a ton at my training, and yes I feel like I have a lot to contribute.


Congratulations to everyone who raced at the High School race, and thank you to everyone who came and helped. We are a village of a team and I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you everyone who supported us and helped this weekend. The only way we can do it, is a village, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


With the High School season being over, THE 2014 ROAD RACING SEASON STARTS THIS WEEK. 


We are going to take the long view now, we do not start racing until February 1st. We have some great work to do to be ready, and having the time to prepare is awesome.


Everyone, if you want a great road race season, it starts now. I am planning the season, now. Be consistent, do the little things, trust the training, go hard when you are supposed to, go easy when you are supposed to. We have the time to properly right now, but we have to do everything possible to stay on task. If you want a great season, then may it start today.


To get ready and to relax from the efforts of these past few months, we are going to have a recovery week.


All practices this week are recovery/ endurance road rides.


On Wednesday I will have a 4:30 start as well. So on Wednesday there are two different practice times. 3:45 and 4:30.


Saturday– SWAP MEET. I need everyones help!! There are hours that still need to be filled, and BAKED GOODS!!!!!!!

I need baked goods!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday– Long ride for everyone. I am going to have each El Tour team ride with their adult leaders. All rides will start at 7:30am from the clubhouse.



5 Responses to “Week of November the 12th”

  1. sam A.

    I’m really exited for the Road Season. what times are not filled for the Bake sale.

  2. daniela

    check the doodle calendar please for swap meet times. I will resend it out now. Thanks!

  3. Christian

    Christian can’t make Sunday practice but he is very excited to ride with the 85-milers. And don’t worry, we will be riding mountain bikes a lot this winter too.