This weekend presents us with the chance of winning the over all state title in the High School mountain bike league, and I am very excited to chase that podium with the two teams. On that note, please all, rest well, drink well, dream well, eat well, and get pumped. Let’s get ready to race proud and strong.


To do so we are going to hone our top end speed and then rest around that. Middle schoolers keep up the hard work, your pay off is coming in the form of El Tour and then two cyclocross races. May your dreaming begin.


Tuesday– Group Ride all together.


Wednesday– Over Unders. Come mentally and emotionally prepared.  Also comment if you would like a 4:30 start for this day.


Thursday– Over unders for non wednesday practicers, and group ride for everyone else.


Saturday– More information to come for the high school race.

Middle School shoot-outers, a coach will be on hand for you.

C- team colin is forever ready for you.


Sunday– Middle schooler’s I will find you a coach to take you out.


I will be out of town as you all know for this weekend, so please bring me home a big trophy and even bigger smiles. Lets have some fun.


Also be helpful while I am gone. Please be good to all the amazing parents and volunteers.


How would you explain this to your friends 20 years later:



Wheels are not like women, when you want a wheel you take the wheel. Women are like flowers but we are not allowed to kill any of them.



The race course looks just like Sweetwater or Starr Pass, just like our back yard I would say.



11 Responses to “Week of November the 4th”

  1. Ben S.

    I liked the Over-Unders at the UA Crit course, can we do them there this week again pretty plz???

  2. Nick Harris

    3rd yo
    I can’t wach the first video I think I’m glad. My computer is saving me. “Here comes the German now”.

  3. sam A.

    “Heffe, do you know what a plethora is?”
    Why El Guapo, the first video was of a plethora of men dancing in spandex.

  4. Logan

    Am I the only one who would prefer the usual start time…?
    Them tights, though.