November 30th Saturday


Old Man Shoot Out– 7:15am leaving my house. Cole, Colter, Chloe, Cara, Connor, Maya, Kyle


Big Boy Shoot Out– 7:30am Donovan, Logan, Ben, Keenan, Nick, Leo


Colin’s Ride– 7:30am from Clubhouse. Liam, Newben, Sam, Hanes, Madison, Isabelle, Ana


Sunday December 1st


8:30am meet at the clubhouse. We are going to ride to the start which is at Quincy Douglas park. The same park as the summer aquathlons. It is located at south Campbell/ Kino and 36th st.


The first race goes off at 10:20am. It is the mens 3/4 race, that is 40 min long. Some of us will be able to do this. Let me know if you think you want to.


Then the junior race goes off right after at 11:10am. This is a 30 min race. I have signed most of you up.


We do not have to do much clean up so we should be able to leave around noon.


Please print out this waiver and bring it to me on Sunday:


Also watch this video and get excited:

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