This is week 2 of this build period. This week will be harder than last week, and next week will be just that much harder. Then no worries we will back off and have a chill week of very fun base rides.


Everyone please prepare mentally, and emotionally for this week. I know many of you are saying that your legs hurt, and that you are uncomfortable. Good!! That means you worked hard. That said for those whose muscles are sore, I recommend that you stretch when you can. Also roll out if you have the devises and of course drink and eat well. Lastly you can always raise your legs against the wall.


The little things add up to big things. Take care of yourself, get to bed on time, get your homework done in time so you do not stress about it. These little things add up, to a huge thing.


In this week 2 we are again focusing on strength.


Tuesday– Strength training at the 4th ave park with Daniela.


Wednesday– Base pace team ride. 3:45 start.

Also I will start a 4:30pm ride, if people post asking for such before practice on Tuesday.


Thursday– Tumamoc. Remember invite your family to this if they can join us.


Saturday– C team ride 7:30 am start Clubhouse, finish at my house for B-fast

Old Man Shoot Out– 7:15 am

Big Boy Shoot Out– 7:30 am


Sunday– Whole Team meeting at 4pm, and possible morning ride. This is TBD. Stay posted, this will be posted no later than Wednesday evening.


Remember we can always learn new things and we are never to old to learn new tricks. Never stop learning and growing.



Question: Who wins the race?