The cold is coming, the cold is coming.


It is going to be crazy cold. Please prepare for it. The weather forecast that I am looking at says a low of 41 on Saturday. This is hurting cold. Please dress appropriately.


One thing I do is put a bandanna over my mouth in the early going, that helps make sure the air  I breath is not as cold and it does not hurt my lungs as much.


Please start to prepare your clothes now, or on Friday night, so in the morning you are not trying to find everything. I am warning you now, it will be cold.


You must have gloves on your hands as well, no gloves, no ride.


2 Responses to “This weekend of December 7 and 8”

  1. kyle

    I have an extra cycling jacket if someone needs it. Sugoi black size small a little big for a kyle sized person