Congratulations everyone for surviving week 1. We should all be feeling some tired power. For those that have been able to make it to most rides, yes it is normal to feel a bit tired. However you probably also are starting to feel strong and like your stamina is gaining. That is what is supposed to be happening. We are building our base fitness so that when we ask the body to go hard in the weeks to come it has the resources to put up with the work. So Congratulations everyone for trusting yourselves to work as hard as you have been.

Week 2 will be bringing more of the same fun, so here you go:

Monday– Family  bike ride. Leaving clubhouse at 3pm. This will be a 15 mile flat ride, so that the parents can practice what they learned last week at the park. For the youth riders this will be a recovery ride, and a chance to get to meet the parents that make this team work so well.

Tuesday– A+B team. Another dirt road adventure. Cross bikes or MTB. We are going to ride up Mt. Hopkins. This will be a 60 mile round trip ride with a 10 mile dirt road hill climb. Leave clubhouse at 7am. Drive to Green Valley be riding by 8am. Back in town by 1 pm.

C team. MTB with Timmerman and Noe. You are off to Sweetwater. Riding there. Leave clubhouse at 8am. 3 hours ride. Back for sure by noon.


Wedneday– New Years Tradition. A Mountain repeats. 9:30am start. 14 or whatever makes you feel great about the New Year. Also whatever kind of bike you choose.


Thursday– A+B Team. Mammoth ride. 7:15am start. Long day. 100 mile plus.

C Team. Colossal Cave and back. 8am start.

This will be a great week. Stay proud and continue to work hard. Be proud of the work you have put in and trust that the fitness you gain from this will be awesome. Making great gains in life does not come easy. Rest and recovery come after hard work and now is hard work time.

Please listen to a master. Please watch this!!!!!



Question: Be like what?