Thank you everyone for coming to the meeting last night and for some of you for coming to two meetings. I am very excited about where we have come from and most certainly about where we are going. This is the time of the year to dream big and to chase those dreams with all your courage.


This is finals week at school for many of you, so please as always, make school your priority. I want everyone to be successful in school and to not have to stress over the break. I want everyone to just be able to enjoy their break.


School is the priority this week.


This is week 3 in our build, so this week is going to be the toughest yet in our strength training. Be prepared.


For those that can attend practice:


Tuesday: Strength training at the 4th ave park with Daniela.


Wednesday: Base ride.

4:30pm as well.

Thursday– Tumamoc with family and friends.


Saturday– Shoot out with Madera


Sunday– MTB at 24 hour course. I will post more about this day by wednesday and yes we are going to need a lot of volunteer support on this day.


For those that cannot attend practice this week, but still have time to do a work out at home–here you go:


Warm–Up: 10 min jog or 5 min of jump rope or 50 jumping jacks. Something to get the cardio going.


25 Squat jumps

1 min plank

30 steps of Swamp walk– 15 with each leg

20 push ups– no more but less if you need to

50 flutter kicks


2 min rest between sets. 3 sets total


Who wins the race?



I put his video up because if you know the winner, this is not the kind of race he wins. Its an uphill finish and he has no lead out. This is very atypical for him. So why did he win? Well for the same reason that Sam won his sprint at the cross race: He just wanted it more than the next kid.


This is the time of year to out work everyone and to prove to yourself who you can be.