Wow!! What a weekend!!  Thank you team for all the fun!!


Your very hard work has been paying off, and you all deserve these rewards. I am very proud of this team. We came into this weekends race with some heavy legs and no real ambitions other than to have fun, and well I am so very impressed with how things went. We crushed things today in a spectacular way. From top to bottom we were strong and I saw some very proud racing.


I want to give a huge shout out to Sam Alexander first. The boy raced tooth and nail today and took home the most closely contested sprint finish of the day. Purely on want, grit, and will. I am so very proud to see him trust himself in that way. We all can learn from that sort of heart.


Also a shout out to Keenan, Logan, Cara and Chloe all four of them got on the podium after having “raced” the shoot out the day before.


Training makes you stronger. It does not make you tired. If you want to go fast, you have to out train everyone. What you put in, is what you get out.


But really I do not want to leave anybody out on this shout out. I am impressed and thrilled with everyone’s performance and effort. Thank you team, parents loved ones and coaches.  Thank you to all the parents that came out, Colin, Monique and of course Shawn. It takes all of us, as a village. Thank you.


Training Plan


We are moving into a different phase of our training now. It is montage time. Rocky style. That is right. The time of year when we focus on strength and base miles. This is the, no one sees you time of year. We are going to hide in the shadows for a bit, not race, and re-am merge like flying beasts.  As with any time of year this is an important time, however this time is fantastically important as it is the foundation for your 2014 season. The more time we put in now, the more strength work we do, the larger the base, or bottom of the pyramid, the more intervals and hard work we will have to build upon. I hope we all take advantage of this time of year to enjoy our friends and put some real time in.


Tuesday– Strength training with Daniela at the park.


Wednesday– Base ride with road bikes. Make sure to have your lights.


Thursday– Tumamoc. Bring your moms, dads, brothers and sisters.


Saturday– Shoot out or your morning ride.

Old Man- 7:15

Big boy- 7:30

C-Team- 7:30


Sunday– Markley Adventure




We just put our Christmas tree up and this came to me–

how many times larger does the Grinch’s heart grow?


12 Responses to “Week of December 3rd”

  1. Tyler

    “Training makes you stronger. It does not make you tired. If you want to go fast, you have to out train everyone. What you put in, is what you get out.”

    -Ignacio RDR III

  2. Tyler

    Well, in Whoville they say
    that the Grinch’s small heart
    grew three sizes that day.

  3. Tyler

    And then the true meaning of Base miles came through
    and the Tyler found the strength of TEN Tylers,
    plus two!

  4. Keenan

    NICE TYLER. I’ll do it. Let’s go find some gigantic logs.
    Are we going to oddly lead a huge group of children through open roads too? Real good example Rocky.

  5. sam A.

    I always thought that Rocky was a flying squirrel.
    Rocky seems unable to get away from the kids but he can get away from the bike from 4:01-4:08

  6. Chloe Welch

    I think mr grinch may have a heart condition if his heart grew three times larger in a matter of seconds, and ten plus two is twelve.
    I would be running that fast if a bunch of children were following me.
    just saying.

  7. Ben S.

    It grew three sizes that day. They were unclear about the Grinch’s strength growth, did they mean strength(10+2) or strength(10)+2?