Over the winter break our goal is to put in as many hours as we can. This will give us a foundation to pile our intervals on top of. The more base you put in, the more intervals you can do. In theory of course. Also remember that all the time you have put in before this whether it be months or years that counts.


Here is what I am hoping to do:


Week 1


Friday December 20th– A+B Team — Tucson mountains play day 3hrs


Saturday 21st– Shoot Out with Madera

C Team — Whole Shoot Out route


Sunday– A Team rides to 24 hour town on cross bikes, leaves town at 7am.  then  jumps on mtb’s and rides 2 laps. I need to borrow a large truck on this day and I need help driving to 24 hour town.

B+C team drives to 24 hour town and rides 2 laps. Leaves clubhouse at 8:30am.


Monday– Parents skills at the park. This will act as a recovery ride for the team and of course a skills day for the parents.

Time: TBD

Tuesday 24th– A Team ride up Mt. Hopkins. Cross bikes. 7:30am start

B+C team– Ride to Sweetwater or Robles with Christian and Noe



26th– Kitt Peak– A+B+C details to come

27th– A team Starr Pass MTB to Robles 8am start

B+C Robles 8am start

28th– Saturday– Shoot out plus Box Canyon

C Team Picture Rocks


29th– Sunday– 24 Hour Course extravaganza again


30th- Monday- Parents and Riders loop ride 8am start


31st– A+B Team Redington Road — MTB or cross bikes 7:30am start

C Team MTB with Noe and Christian


January 1st– A Mountain Repeats 9am start

2nd– A + B Team Mammoth ride 7:30am start

C Team– Colossal Cave


3rd Friday– Off

4th Saturday– Shoot out with madera

C team– Shoot Out whole thing


5th Sunday– Power test on Mt. Lemmon leave clubhouse at 7:30am

I think this is a good over view. As the days get closer I will be able to provide more details.