Here we go folks. All the work that you have put in will be put to your test. This weekend we get to go out and push ourselves to find out new things about ourselves. In competition we are often able to extract more from ourselves than in any other format, so may the lessons begin. I am very excited to get the season going as I am confident we are going to do great.


Also thank you to everyone who came out and helped make the team presentation such a success. We have had some superb feedback already. Thank you everyone for making this more than a team.


This weekend everyone has an opportunity to race on both days. Saturday will be a crit race here in town on South Kino and 36th and then Sunday there is a road race that will start and end in the town of Oracle. Below I will post more information. However these races dictate our training plan for the week.




Training Plan:


Tuesday— No spandies skills at the park with some Trash can ball. Sorry no new team kits!


Wednesday— Mock Crit races at the U of A course. 3:45 and 4:30 start times.  If you only make one practice this week, make this one. Do what you can to make this practice, and YES new team kits.


Thursday— Endurance Ride.


Saturday— U of A Crit Race

The first race goes off at 10:30am for us. So we should be on location at 9am ready to make things happen. You can meet me there at 9am or you can meet at the clubhouse at 8:30am and then ride down. Please be there at 9am!!!!!

10-14 Boys and Girls start at 10:30

15-18 Boys and Girls start at 11am

Both will race for 20 minutes.

After the junior races we will have some time to watch and enjoy the other races, until noon when a group of our women will go off.

Daniela, Chloe, Maya, and Cara will be contesting the womens 3/4 race. Isabelle do you want to try? I hope everyone sticks around to watch. I really encourage it and would love to have you all there cheering and supporting.


12:00 30 *Women 3/4, Women 30+, 40+, 50+


After the girls race if people need to get going, I understand, as Sunday will be a long day.


Then after that race the A team boys will contest the 3/4 mens race at 2:40pm.


Once you are done racing on the day, I encourage everyone to bring a change of clothes ( Team T Shirt) if you are going to stick around for a bit. Also bring a lunch, we will have some food and PB+J stuff to provide, but if you want something else then please bring stuff.


Sunday— Oracle Road Race

Racing starts in the town of Oracle at 10am.

We should be there no later than 9am.

We need to leave town no later than 8am.

So lets meet at the clubhouse at 7am and if we get to town a bit earlier than 8am then all the better.


Parents I will need your help on this one for sure. We will need support in the feed zone.


We will be done and leaving at about 3pm. I will need help with transportation as well.


All riders, bring warm clothes and a change of clothes for after the race and some snacks with you. This will be a big long fun weekend.


Other Notes:


We will need all the trainers we can get this weekend and moving forward at the races. So if you have a team trainer at the house, please bring it to me this week.


Remember the papers I handed out to you at the presentation. You must bring them to race. This is your responsibility.


All information about the races can be found here: and here:


I am sure that I will be posting more information this week to make this all work, so please stay tuned and post if you want to race and which ones.



Question: Anyone who tells you otherwise is____________________________?