Thank you so much to every body who came and helped with the clubhouse this weekend. The support and energy that you all pour in is what keeps Daniela and I moving. It is continually humbling and wonderful. THANK YOU!!!!!


The racing season is right around the corner and we want to continue to get ready for it, so we can enjoy competing and pushing ourselves to new limits. Self discovery is our goal.


This week we will again be working our top end speed as we try and get sharp for the races.


Tuesday– A Mountain repeats. Records can be set!!


Wednesday– Loop Recovery Ride.

3:45 and 4:30pm start times.


Thursday– Mock Crit races at the U of A Course


Friday– After school I am hoping some of us can get together to continue to work on the clubhouse. I am hoping to do mostly clean up and organization for the team presentation that will be on Sunday. Friday clean up hours will be from 4-6pm.


Saturday–  A team. Shoot Out with Madera

B team Old Man shoot out with Helmet Peak

C Team– Fixed Loop hard with Trails end and A mountain


Sunday– ABC to the Mt Lemmon 8am start

Sunday MANDATORY– Team Presentation at the new clubhouse. Please be there at 2pm for set up and to get your KITS!!


The actual event is from 3-5pm and please we want everyone to attend.


Also the kits might come in this week. We shall see. All I can say is that this guy would wear our kits.