Oh Boy!! Oh Boy!! Oh Boy!!! Here we go.


Yes I am excited too, and I want everyone to have a great time, testing themselves, against themselves.


Meeting times have been posted, and PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also you must bring your paper work. If you do not you will not be able to race. BRING YOUR PAPERWORK!!!!!


To have a fun weekend:


If you are going to hang around the races on Saturday to watch, learn, and to cheer your teammates, then please bring a change of clothes with you for after your races. This will make you way more comfortable. Also it is going to be cold tomorrow with a high of 61 degrees so please, bring warm stuff.


We will be providing you with some snacks for after the races, but if you want something specific then bring something along, or $5 as the food truck down the street is amazing.


Remember to drink tons of water all weekend long and get to bed as early as you can.


I should see you arrive with a backpack with all the stuff you need. Do not just come with your kit.



Again it will be very cold. Bring everything to ride in like it is an early morning cold Shoot out. It is going to be cold. Dress smart.


Again bring a change of clothes that is warm and some extra snacks if you are not into PB+J, oranges, and dates.


Having comfortable clothes and being able to chill make all the difference, that and, Show up on time.