The training continues…..


As much as possible through these posts I hope to give everyone an insight into the training methodology that I am following. My hope is that through your years on the team you will gain an understanding that will allow you continue to have fun for years to come. The more you know, the more you can learn, the more you can grow. Also the more you know the better questions you can ask and we as coaches can help you achieve your goals that much easier.


So if we back track to Winter break we took that time and laid down a huge base, or a foundation to our season. The idea is the bigger your base the more intervals and hard work you can pile on top. Think of a pyramid. The bigger the foundation the higher it can go. Foundations are not just built in two weeks though. They are built over many seasons and many years. Thus “Old Man Strength.” There is strength that only time and years can bring, but of course in those years one must put in the work.


After the break then we took a week to recover from the huge miles and time we put in. Remember you can only work as hard as you can recover. If you do not recover then each work out after the initial fatigue is not as great as it needs to be. Its in recovery that you actually get faster, as your body finally has a chance to adapt to the work.


So here we are coming off the rest week that followed the base period.


Intervals here we come. Now we have a base, or endurance, now we work on getting fast.


Tuesday– VO2 max intervals

Wednesday- VO2 max intervals with a 4:30pm start time as well

Thursday– Crit skills day at the U of A course


Saturday– A Team Big Boy with Madera 7:30am start

B Team Old Man with Madera 7:15am start

C Team and New Riders 7:30am start meet at Clubhouse


Sunday– A +B Team Mt Lemmon

C Team — MTB at Starr Pass

8am starts for all


Every practice is important, every practice has purpose. Achieving goals is not easy, work is not easy, dreaming is not easy, but when it happens its all so worth it.


Everyone please have at least a digital watch by the end of this week. I have asked many, many times. Please everyone at least a digital watch, a Heart rate monitor is better and power meters are great. Data is king!



Question: Your not fully clean unless, your _______________ fully clean!