You survived!! You survived!! The winter training camp of 2014 is now behind you and you all should be very proud of the massive amount of work and time you put in. We are all ready now to take a REST. 


Without rest the body can not rebuild, and make itself stronger. REST is a critical part in every training plan. If you do not do it or respect it, then the body will crumble.


Rest Week


Tuesday– No practice. Go home. Rest. Relax. Start off the semester strong. Get your classes and school figured out and moving in the right direction.


Wednesday– Recovery ride. 1 hour long. All riders welcome. New team member as well.


Thursday– Restorative Yoga in the park with Daniela.


Saturday– With fresh legs we ATTACK!

A Team– Big Boy — no madera

B Team– Old man– No madera

C Team– 7:30am start


Beyond Event– Kidicall mass. Starts at Amory Park and this is mandatory. Meet at Amory Park at 11:45 and be prepared for a super chill slow ride with younger kids.

Sunday– Mt Lemmon Power Test


Please be smart, REST REST REST.


Intervals would have been like cash. I have heard and listened. Rest is like the table.




Here is a good link to read more about the importance of rest.