Wow, we really have been putting the work in, and if you are tired, then you did it right. The last four weeks have been tough and we should be worn out, and since we have an important race this weekend then yes we need to rest. Rest hard. What does that mean?


Go to bed on time.

Get off Facebook!!

Get your homework done promptly so you do not stress on it.

Get your homework done promptly so you do not stress on it.

Get your homework done promptly so you do not stress on it.

Stay very hydrated.

Eat good food.

Put your feet up when you can.


As I always say control all the little things, do all the little things and they add up to one big thing!!


Training Plan– This week rolls into next week so you must do this week right to get next week right. Again control the controlables.


Tuesday– Trash can ball at Our Park with our Mountain bikes. No spandies. This is a recovery day and its a good way to make sure our MTB’s work.


Wednesday– Endurance Ride. Road bikes. 3:45 and 4:30 start times.


Thursday– No practice. Either you are packing or you are heading up to the course.


24 Hour Race Notes


Tuesday– I will be handing out personal gear lists for all youth participants.

Please make sure to check it thoroughly. If you bring what you need you will have a great time. If you do not pack well misery prevails.


Wednesday- Liz Hanes is going to contact all families to find out how and when they plan on traveling up to town.


Thursday– I will be heading to 24 hour town at approximately 9am.


I personally think if kids are doing well in school and they can, that it is best to arrive to the race on Thursday night. It allows for the kids to ease into the event. It is a bit crazy and hectic at the event and arriving on Friday night and having to race the next day I think is very stressful on kids. So if you can I highly advise arriving on Thursday.


Arriving Friday night is ok and arriving on Saturday is an absolutely horrible idea and if you have to do this you must ask me to do so. I would like to have NOBODY arrive on Saturday morning.


Please everyone be very in tune with the blog this week, as we are going to need to communicate with everyone this week.


Also here is a link so that everyone can see times from years past. I hope everyone comes with a goal time and knows who from the past that they would like to beat.


Thank you everyone for the help and lets prepare to have some fun.





Training hard without rest is like taking a reservation and not ______________________ it?