That’s right if you are staying in town and not racing Valley, then you are in luck. I have been coordinating with our amazing coaches and I have set up a mock stage race here in town for you.


Many of you spoke with me at the 24 and a big thing I was trying to impress on you all was to learn how to manage yourself at events like the 24 and stage races. If we can learn to manage the events then it gets easier to go faster and when you get older then all you have to worry about is going fast because you learned how to manage the event.


So with that in mind I have set up a stage race for you here. I hope everyone uses it as a learning experience.


Here is what to expect:


Friday: 4pm start. Time Trial at Mc Cains loop. This will be same coursed used at the upcoming TBC stage race.

Coach Shawn will lead you out there and you will get timed.


Saturday: Old Man Shoot Out. 7:15am start. Meet at my house.

After a long talk with Shawn I have decided that everyone on the C team is ready to try. You all know how to ride safe and smart. Directions for your missions will be given at my house in the am.


Sunday: 7:30am start from the Old Clubhouse. TBC circuit race course. Laps to be determined.


If you are staying in town I really hope that you make as many of these practices as possible. Knowledge is power!!


Coach Shawn will be taking the lead of this so please if you have questions direct them to him and I can get you his phone number if you need.