Thank you everyone for such a brilliant start to the racing season. I cannot thank everyone enough. From the parents, to the coaches, the supporters, riders, everyone. Thank you for getting things rolling in such a great way. The list of accomplishments is grand and too much to state. However a huge congratulations to all those who participated in their first race. It takes courage to put a number on for the first time. Kajeme, Leila, Matt!


As for this week we are back it. I know we are tired and we are supposed to be. We knew you would be, and since you are we are going to tax you just a bit more before we take a rest week. Please come mentally prepared to work hard this week. One more till rest week.


This week we are going to work on our steady power. Remember the pyramid. First long miles= create the base. Then we got some pop = VO2 max work, now we want to work on our Lactate Threshold. That is the hardest we go, with out our legs totally screaming. This training is great for time trials and mountain biking when you put yourself to the limit and then hold it for as long as you can. FUN!!


Tuesday– LT intervals. Possibly on the trainers. Please if you have a heart rate monitor or power meter you must have it.


Wednesday– More LT intervals. Those in Davids group be ready for Time Trial practice.


Thursday– Tempo Ride. Fixed loop no attacking but steady and hard.


Saturday– Valley of the Sun riders. Time Trial in Picacho Peak. More information to come.

All others– Shoot Out or morning ride.


Sunday– Mountain biking at 24 Hour course and camp set up. More information to come.



Also please if you rode with race wheels on Sunday, get your bike ready in time for practice. Do not wait until the last minute.


Also parents would it be possible to get help from Ron, Bob, and David to help me move the mechanics benches on Friday after school?




What counts?