What an incredible weekend we just had. There is so much to say, so many people to thank, and too many people to praise here. I am not quite sure how to go about thanking everyone, but thank you everyone. It means everything to me to have the support we did. The dedication and love that so many people showed was powerful and reinforcing to me that we are on the right track. Thank you!!


Mechanically: Not a single youth had a flat on trail, or major bike malfunction.


Handling: Not a single youth was to the tent late. Every hand off was flawless.


Youth: Not one of pulled out of a lap. Everyone of you got up, got ready, and shredded without ever saying a word different, and every youth rider went a personal best time.


Camp: We had the biggest best camp set up upon our arrival, it was packed right on time and we were gone 20 minutes after podiums, we had the best food in the world always warm and ready, and of course the best coffee and beer. The fire was always at the ready.


Lights: They were always ready and no kid was left with nothing.


Thank you everyone for an incredible weekend.


Now for this weeks fun:



5pm Valley of the Sun rider and parent meeting. This is the first A race of the year. David would like to have an hour meeting with us to get us ready. It will be held at the new clubhouse. Any other rider that dreams of riding in the most important stage race in Arizona is welcome to attend. This is mandatory for all Valley riders.



3:45 and 4:30pm start times. Endurance ride.

Start at Old Clubhouse.

All Valley riders must attend.



Valley Riders. 10am practice start. Meet at New CLubhouse. Anyone can go to this, but please ask me first.


All others work party at New Clubhouse start at 1pm. I will provide snacks.




C team I have great plans for you this weekend, but I need to confirm them with the other coaches. Please be looking here for information. That said I am hoping to create a stage race for you guys, with rides all three days.


Valley riders we will confirm leaving times at the Tuesday meeting.




What does the winner hold up on the podium as a prize?