February 29th– Saturday

Morning ride: Julian, Genea and Leila starting at 7:30am. New clubhouse heading out with Colin, 2 hours.

 Old Man Shoot out. 6:45am sharp leaving time from my house.

Unai, Madison, Ana, Kajeme, Matthew, Collin, Isabel, Collin, Newben, Colter, Sam.

All of you are riding  in the race on Sunday and in the Junior categories, and so I want you to ride this just as you did last week. The Sunday race is a training race and so it is ok if we are not at super peak. This will also help us prepare for the 3 days of TBC when we want to be studs.

Coaches out will be Shawn, Veronique, Damion. We will discuss details in the morning to make sure we are all on the same page.


Old Man Shoot Out 6:45 am sharp leaving my house

Chloe, Cara, Kyle, Cole, Maya.

You are all racing in category on Sunday and I want you to be able to have a fun race. To do so we need to have something in the tank. I want all of you to ride to the bridge as a good 20 minute opener and then just ride back to the house super chill.


Big Boys 7:00 am start sharp

Everyone who is racing should just ride to the bridge and back as an opener.

If you are not racing then, please ride the whole way around.


After the ride, as usual, we will have breakfast at the house.

Kidical Mass. 11:15am at the clubhouse. 

Noon the event starts and in the time before the event I want to clean and organize the clubhouse so as to have it presentable to the public.

Kidical mass is rain or shine, so please come prepared.



More information to come today and tomorrow, coordination is hard. Thank you for your patience and understanding.