Friday 21st


9am. Tylers’ birthday breakfast at Laverns Cafe. This is located on Plumer, just south of Broadway on the west side of the street. This is open to everyone who would like to come. Please bring $5.


10am. Clubhouse mechanical help. Come if you can and we going to get stuff fixed, bikes, pumps etc.


5:30pm. San Dimas Stage Race rider meeting. This is open to everyone, but is mandatory for all riders. We will cover logistics for the race, strategy and stages. This is also open to everyone, and would be good for kids to attend who one day might want to race at these A team races.


Saturday 22nd


All members of the team are expected to be at this event. This is the Vistoso Cyclists ride.

Ride starts at 9:15am. From the church parking lot just north of Tohono OChul, on Paseo del Norte off Ina.

If you would like to ride to the church I will leave the clubhouse at 8am.

Please be on time and in the Newest Team Kit.

Bring food!

7 Responses to “Friday and Saturday the 21st and 22nd”

  1. Daniela

    Vistoso friends will have snacks for us all to enjoy at the park just south of Dove Mountain (after our ride). Great opportunity to connect with supporters of El Grupo and make new friendships!

  2. Madison

    On Saturday I will be riding to the church from the clubhouse at 8:00am

    • Newben

      What do you mean by “What do you mean by ‘Bring Food’?”?

  3. Sam

    On Saturday (I am not doing the Sunday ride) my dad and i will ride from home and meet the vistoso group at Mountain View plaza in rancho Vistoso and ride with them back to meet El Grupo. If anyone wants extra miles we will leave Kolb and Sunrise about 7:30.

  4. Ana

    I will not be able to go to any ride on Saturday due to an event I have. See you on Sunday!!!