Thursday Practice— This will be another Crit skills and Openers practice. The goal of this practice is sharpen your high end speed via the sprint work that we do and to get you more comfortable in the group. You will not be looking to gain fitness at this point we are just trying to get sharp to have a fun weekend.


Friday— Make sure your bike works. Clean it. Take it home, care for it. Make it look nice for the race.


Saturday— 10am meet at clubhouse. However I need a coach for this. Please if you can POST! If no coach posts then I am sorry but there will not be a practice. However if you can go out for an hour and spin that would be great. I would encourage you to do 3-4 –10 second sprints in that one hour.

Cara, Chloe, Leo you are encouraged and allowed to do the Shoot Out if you like.



Shawn is going to be the Head Coach with help from his better half Veronique and of course all parents for this event and will be the one running the show. Please help him as much as you can.


Driving Logistics.

17 kids participating at 3 different start times. Thus 3 different leaving times.


Shawn and Veronique will be there for all races and racers and can carry a total of 6 bikes if needed.


Leaving time A: 5:30am

10-12 Boys- Unai. Race time is 8:30am. You should be there on site at 7am to make your life chill. I imagine Lirrian, will drive Unai up there, however since Shawn and Veronique are driving up at that time maybe we can work that out.


Leaving time B: 6:00am

Boys 13-14 and All Girls . Race time is 9am. You should be there on site at 7:30am.

Colter, Kajeme, Matthew, Chloe, Cara, Isabel, Madison, Ana, Genea, Leila,

This is 10 kids and bikes that need to be transported. Please parents and coaches use this forum to figure this out.


Leaving time C: 7am

Boys 15-18. Race time is 10am. You should be there on site at 8:30am.

Kyle, Cole, Collin, Newben, Daniel, Leo

This is 6 kids and bikes that need to be transported. Please parents and coaches use this forum to figure this out.


Riders please be super nice to everyone helping this weekend.

Eat a big breakfast as it will be hours till your start. Cereal is not breakfast. Think 2 egg sandwich. You need real food.

Bring food with you for after the race. Like a good size lunch. You will be away from home for hours.

Bring a change of clothes, all your stuff should fit in a back pack.

All Licences and waiver forms are with Shawn.

Cole, Kyle, Unai, Chloe, Ana, Leila and Genea you need to have a parent sign a waiver form before you leave for the race. You can find one here:

24 Responses to “Preparations for Sunday Crit Championships”

  1. Becki

    Madison and I will be at the clubhouse at 5:30 to help Shawn. Again…we have room for other riders and one other bike. We can stay at the clubhouse until our departure time at 6:00 if need be.

    • sandra

      If riders can go with Becki, I can take my back seat off and fit bikes (3) in it, plus my rack of 2, there will be enough space for back packs and food. By the way I will have juices and fruit for everyone.

      P.S. 5:30 at the clubhouse.

  2. Gillian

    Kajeme, Leila, and I will get to the clubhouse at 5:45. I will have room for 2 more bikes and 3-5 people. Let me know if you need us to do anything.

  3. Kristi

    Colter will need a ride for him and his bike. He is in the 6am leaving group, but can be there at 5:30 if that’s needed. Is anyone coming home right after the 13-14 group is done? We have family in town and the one day the everyone is here is Sunday. So, I’m trying to figure out how early I can get him home and make plans with the whole group. Thanks!

  4. Kate

    Cole and I will be leaving at 7 am. We can take 4 bikes and three other kdis. It looks like we will need one other driver for this gruop for three kids and three bikes.

  5. Collin Hanes

    My family and I will be heading up Saturday and spending the night in phoenix to avoid the early morning wake up and hassle.

  6. Daniel

    Kate, if you could take me, my bike, and a trainer, that would be awesome.

    • kyle

      Kate, thanks, I would like to ride in your car with my bike and trainer

  7. Becki

    I can take Colter in my car with me and Madison and I can take his bike. Madison and I would like to stay a while in Phoenix after the race so can anyone bring Colter home? If not, we will come home after the race.

    • Gillian

      I can bring Colter home after the race if Becki you can bring his bike as I don’t have room for another bike.

  8. Kristi

    Thanks becki! When did you want to leave? 530 or 6? And if no one else is coming home don’t worry. I’ll work around it but if he is in the first group with whomever comes home, that will help.

  9. Becki

    We will leave at 6:00 with the other B starters. We will take Colter home after the awards if there is not another option for him.

  10. Ana

    Does anyone need us to take their bike/backpack? We have room in our car!

  11. Lizaardo H

    The Hanes clan is enroute to phx now (Saturday afternoon). Construction signs say I-10 will be closed from 9p tonight until 8a tomorrow morning at miracle mile. Collin took a trainer and we’ll bring it with Sunday.

  12. Kate

    I am leaving from 7:15 from the Starbucks parking lot (North west side of intersection) at River and Stone.
    I am meeting Daniel and Kyle there – drop off from Michelle. NewBen is also getting dropped off there by his grandmother. My phone is 481-5736. Kate

  13. Veronique

    If anyone still has not secured their ride, Shawn and I will be at the clubhouse leaving promptly at 5:30. We have room for 4 riders and bikes. Also, the clubhouse will be locked after 5:30.

    • Daniel

      Do you think you can grab some trainers? I don’t need one, but I’d imagine everyone else does.