Sunday TBC circuit race. 

Women 3 –6:46am — 33miles 6 laps
Women 4/35+ — 6:49am– 28miles– 5laps

Ladies you will leave the clubhouse at 5:30am to ride to the start. Parents I will need a car to follow them at this time. That way we can have lights on them and they can shed layers before the start

Men 4 –8:40am– 33miles –6 laps
Jr. 15-16 –8:48am–22miles –4 laps
Jr. 13-14– 8:49miles –17miles –3 laps
Jr. 10-12 –8:50 am– 11 miles– 2 laps

All juniors and boys 4’s we will leave the clubhouse at 7:15am. I will leave sharp and on time.

Men 3 –10:25am– 39 miles– 7 laps

Plan on leaving the clubhouse at 9am to be on location at time.

All information for this race can be found here:



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