Here it comes, our great in town Stage Race. I hope everyone is excited and motivated to have a great weekend. Everyone has been working super hard and I hope it all pays off. Of course our showing this week tells me that we are on the right path.

That said please everyone remember to follow your coaches directions and listen when instructions are being given, that way we are all on the same page and no one makes a wrong turn. Making mistakes is part of life, but it does not mean that you should not try and make as few as possible.


This week will be most of a rest week, until the second half of the week where we ramp into the weekend of racing.


Tuesday— B+C teams. You will head out to practice time trial starts and turns on the Aviation path.

A Team recovery ride.

If you need to miss a practice this week to get caught up with school or get ahead this is a good day.

Wednesday– 3:45pm group. Over to McCains loop for an opener preview ride.

4:30pm group. Nachos opener ride.

Thursday– Opener ride at TBC circuit course.

Friday- TBC Time Trial.

TUSD is off of school this day so that will help many of us.

Official start times are not up yet, however we can make good guesses.

Maya, Chloe, Cara, Isabel and Daniela your start will be roughly at noon so you will need to be there, at Old Tucson studios at no later than 10am. So please all of you meet at the clubhouse at 9:45am.

All riders racing in the junior categories you start at roughly 2pm so you will need to be at the start at noon.

All riders racing category your start will be at roughly 3pmish so you will need to be at the start at 1pm.

I will be heading out from the clubhouse at 11:30pm with the big van to take the juniors out. If you want to ride with me great. If not please plan accordingly and show up on time. This will allow you to warm up under less pressure.

Remember a change of clothes and some after ride food.

Saturday TBC road race. 

Women 3- 7:00am  61 miles  3 laps
Women 4/35+- 7:10am  41miles  2 laps
Jr. 15-16 –7:15am  41 miles 2 laps
Jr. 13-14 –7:18am 21 miles 1 lap
Jr. 10-12 –7:20 12 miles  .6  lap

These are start times and distances for the first wave of riders. You will all need to be in Green Valley signing in and getting ready by 6am. Get there on time. If you arrive late that stinks. Be ready in full kit ready to warm up and listen to coaches by 6am in Green Valley at the intersection of Duval Mine road and Continental. Please be on time and ready.

After your race you guys should be able to head right home. I imagine that Daniela will drive the van and trailer down to the start. Also remember a change of clothes

All males racing category we need to be down there by 8am ready to go. Our races start at just after 9am. I will drive the mini van down and be leaving by 7am sharp. After the race make sure to have a change of clothes and some real food.

Sunday TBC circuit race. 

Women 3 –6:46am — 33miles 6 laps
Women 4/35+ — 6:49am– 28miles– 5laps

Ladies you will leave the clubhouse at 5:30am to ride to the start. Parents I will need a car to follow them at this time. That way we can have lights on them and they can shed layers before the start

Men 4 –8:40am– 33miles –6 laps
Jr. 15-16 –8:48am–22miles –4 laps
Jr. 13-14– 8:49miles –17miles –3 laps
Jr. 10-12 –8:50 am– 11 miles– 2 laps

Boys we will leave the clubhouse at 7:15am. I will leave sharp and on time.

Men 3 –10:25am– 39 miles– 7 laps

Plan on leaving the clubhouse at 9am to be on location at time.

All information for this race can be found here:


Key elements to enjoy a stage race:

Be very well hydrated before and after every stage and of course going into the event.

Be mindful of eating real, good, food after each stage. So please everyone bring a lunch with you to every stage for afterwards.

Bring a change of clothes with you to Friday and Saturday so after the races you can freshen up and change.

Bring a bandana with you so after the race you can wipe off and clean up.

Get to bed early every night.

Get your feet up after the race.


The little things in stage racing really add up. Do them well and you will have fun and get stronger as you go, failure to do the little things will break you down fast and you will tank as the weekend goes.

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