TBC was beyond my wildest dreams. I am blown away and just pleased beyond words at the camaraderie and care that you all showed this weekend. I value more the love you all showed for each other more than the amazing results that came from it. Without the love and care no results can come. Care for each other first and everything else will fall into place. Thank you TEAM!!


Looking ahead there is more work and more fun to be had. I want to give everyone first a chance to catch their breath, but then we have some more goals to go and get.


Some of us are on Spring Break and some of us are not, so there are going to be two different practice schedules.

There are also two different practice schedules for the next two weeks. That is because some of us are getting ready for San Dimas and others of us are getting ready for the AZ Crit Championships.


Practice Schedule for those on Spring Break and going to San Dimas:

Tuesday the 18th— 7am sharp from my house. Fairwheel morning ride followed by Picture Rocks and more. This is Tyler’s birthday ride so be prepared. Chloe and Cara you are invited to come.

Afternoon practice Skills at the park with road bikes and spandies.

Wednesday— Uphill TT practice on Mt Lemmon. 7am leaving sharp from the clubhouse.

Afternoon practice 3:45 and 4:30 starts. U of A crit course racing

Thursday– San Dimas riders– Off. Clubhouse clean up starting at 1pm. You should chill ride in.

Afternoon 4:30pm practice. Sprint interval workout.

Friday– San Dimas riders– Off. Clubhouse clean up starting at 10 am. You should chill ride in. By the end of today we should have the clubhouse looking great.

Saturday— San Dimas rider Shoot Out NO MADERA

All others will go on the Vistoso Cyclists ride

Genea, Julian, Leila ride with Colin and Julia.

Sunday— San Dimas riders. Hungry Dog crit in Phoenix.

Whiskey riders: Cole, Colter, Kyle, Connor, Isabel and Sam. You are off to Oracle with John Markley, Shawn and Veronique for a dirt road epic.  Meet at the clubhouse at 6:30am ready to leave by 7am.

All others with me on Mt Lemmon. 7am start time.


Results and great achievements do not happen over night. This is the best EL Grupo has ever been compared to the competition. 8 years we have worked to get here. Always learning, making mistakes, learning and then trying again. Patience is the key, along with persistence and determination. If you think it was fun to watch the big boys and girls rock this weekend then commit, trust yourself, take care of the people around you and I promise great things will happen.


You can run from it, or you can ______________ from it?

Please post..

14 Responses to “Week of March 17th”

  1. Unai

    You can run from it, or learn from it.

    I can’t come on tuesday because of a concert I am performing in at school, but I will come wednesday and thursday.

  2. Damion

    Who here runs? You cant get far on feet. If you ride from it, perhaps you can get away. That’s why I have bikes. Can you give more details on the Vistoso ride?