We have a lot going on this weekend so please lets all communicate as best as we can to make it all work.


I will be leaving with some of the team to the great San Dimas Stage race in California with Daniela, Damiano, and David at noon on Thursday. I will be available via phone and email.


Practice Schedule:

Tuesday: San Dimas Riders: Endurance/ Tempo Ride –do not tax the legs

State Crit Racers: U of A Crit skills practice


Wednesday: San Dimas Riders: Opener hill ride with David, also I would like to pack many things on this night. Chairs, tables, water and anything else we can. 3:45pm start

State Crit Racers: U of A Crit Races  4:30pm starts


CRITICAL: After practice I need to have everything out of the small trailer. There are many things left in it from the 24 hour race. Such as a grill, many restaurant chaffing dishes and lots of little things. If you know you have stuff please come and get it. We will need it totally cleaned out for the weekend. Thank you for your help with this.


Thursday: San Dimas riders: We leave at Noon. We are in the car at Noon. I want to be driving at Noon.

State Crit Racers: Openers at U of A Crit Course. I will not be around for Practice. I will get keys to one of the coaches. Please riders be on best behavior.


Saturday: State Crit Racers 10am start. U of A crit openers – This is a “get ready” practice. Not the race itself!


Sunday: State Crit racers I am currently working with coaches and parents to figure out the logistics. We will need vehicular help only on Sunday to bring kids to the race. Please post if you can drive up and are planning on going.


Riders that I encourage to attend the state crit:

Julian, Unai, Madison, Ana, Colter, Kajeme, Matthew, Chloe, Cara, Isabel, Collin, Cole, newben, Sam, Leo, Maya, Leila. 17 total riders.



here is a great video of a sprint finish.




15 Responses to “Week of March 24th”

  1. Keenan

    That was the lamest finishing sprint I’ve ever seen. Did the guy in second wheel not see the line? Week looks good.

    • Sam

      All Crit openers! I will do the crit race on sunday.
      This video is very familiar to the blog as well.

  2. Becki

    Keenan… One of the best sprint finishes of all time in the 80’s. You only wish you would have lived it like some of us old folks…
    I can help drive cyclists on Sunday. I can take three cyclists, two bikes. Details, coaches please.

  3. Ana

    Sounds like a great week!! I will race on Sunday. So excited/nervous

  4. kyle

    the moral of the story is to drink and smoke while driving angry and then litter….

  5. Papa Harris

    I will be at the clubhouse Wed around 5:00 to help unload small trailer!

  6. Shawn

    Hi! Who does not have a ride to the crit Sunday? Please text/call if you need one.