First – We changed the team meeting to Saturday, April 5th at 11am at the clubhouse – following morning practices.  This seemed more convenient for most once we decided that there would be NO RACING at the Tolero Crit on Saturday. We have all had our fill of racing and need to get back to just riding our bikes! And we can all get a better ride in through our regular Saturday morning rides (i.e Shootout for some!). We will take a break from racing for most of this month in preparation for some big goal races at the end of the month!

If you had planned on it being Friday and cannot make it now on Saturday, we are more than happy to set up another time to go over the information discussed with you personally.

We will have a guest speaker at the start of the meeting for 10 minutes to discuss “Word of Honor / GreenDot” an educational and awareness program on PED (performance enhancing drugs) exposure and recognition of clean riders. Dave Dobler, a local long-time cyclist, organizer for Team New York Life (accomplished AZ Masters team), and professional architect will talk briefly and answer some questions with copies of this pledge to be filled out at each individual’s/family discretion.


Saturday morning practices: 

Early Shootout – leaving our backyard at 6:15am SHARP!! 

“Big Boy” Regular Shootout – leaving our backyard at 6:30am SHARP!!

Ride times change with the seasons and can always be found at the Fair Wheel Bike website.

C Team ride leaving clubhouse at 7am SHARP


Sunday – Cyclovia Tucson

Shift #1 – 9am – 11am – If riding from clubhouse, we will be LEAVING at 9am so come earlier. We will all meet at Santa Rosa Park to setup and put on a great bicycle obstacle course for Cyclovia Tucson, and promote both Summer Bike Camp and the Scavenger Hunt! Come prepared to be a good leader and role model for other kids. Wear your El Grupo t-shirt (if you have one – and no worries, more are on the way!)

Shift #2 – 11am – 1pm – Meet at Santa Rosa park to take over for first shift – Don’t be late, please! We will continue the bicycle obstacle course for Cyclovia until 1pm, clean up, and then all will be able to enjoy the event as a participant.


There will be a ride on Sunday morning for A and some B team members. David will be leading the ride, but the time and route have not been confirmed. We will confirm that at the team meeting.




6 Responses to “April 5-6 Weekend Schedule & “Word of Honor””

  1. Shawn

    C team, We will do a ride leaving promptly at 7:00. Comment here if you will be riding or text me 520-404-4851.

  2. Steve Hanes

    I will be working Sunday at 4th and 22nd so can’t help with the course.

    • Shawn

      Clarification, I will be riding the old man with the shootout C team riders, you know who you are. Sorry for my confusion. See you in the morning.