6:30am leave the clubhouse


7am–ish at Udall Park


Base 7:30am ish


Ride up for 2 hours.


Everyone rides home together.


We are a team that is how we ride, race, and live. That is why it was so important that we waited for Maya. We had to honor and respect the work she put in today. If we are not a loving team, then we are not a real team, and the best gifts in life are true friends. We care for each other first. Thank you everyone for understanding.


Please put family and Easter first tomorrow, if your family wants you home please do so. This is an optional ride.

3 Responses to “Mt Lemmon Easter Sunday”

  1. Madison

    Thank you Chloe for encouraging me not to stop before the bridge today. See you all in the morning.

  2. Sam

    Based on recent events I feel that we need to have a discussion about regrouping and communication during big group rides with the whole team. We are all part of this problem and need to learn how to communicate better as a group.