Thanks to all who were able to attend our team meeting today. We hope that it was effective in disbursing a lot of information, dates and costs (see details repeated below), and that you enjoyed our guest speaker, Dave Dobler. Again, it is up to each individual to take the next step, if you choose. More info at the New York Life Team website.


Sunday ride (and working 2nd shift of Cyclovia) – LEAVING CLUBHOUSE AT 7AM SHARP! Headed to Mt. Lemmon


Sunday – Cyclovia Tucson

Shift #1 – 9am – 11am – If riding from clubhouse, we will be LEAVING at 9am so come earlier. We will all meet at Santa Rosa Park to setup and put on a great bicycle obstacle course for Cyclovia Tucson, and promote both Summer Bike Camp and the Scavenger Hunt! Come prepared to be a good leader and role model for other kids. Wear your El Grupo t-shirt (if you have one – and no worries, more are on the way!)

Shift #2 – 11am – 1pm – Meet at Santa Rosa park to take over for first shift – Don’t be late, please! We will continue the bicycle obstacle course for Cyclovia until 1pm, clean up, and then all will be able to enjoy the event as a participant.


Summer Dates & Info

  • Summer Bike Camp dates: June 2-6, June 9-13, July 21-25. We will need many of you age 14 and older to work (and get paid!) for these camps. All younger riders will be welcome to volunteer work.

We are asking for confirmation of your attendance and payment of appropriate fees NO LATER THAN May 5th! Sooner would be appreciated!

  • USA Cycling Road Selection Camp (A team 17-18 boys only) in Flagstaff: June 8-13 – Total cost $850 – El Grupo will cover up to 50%
  • USA Cycling Talent ID Camp (A team optional) in Flagstaff: June 15-20 – Total cost $750 – El Grupo will cover up to 50%
  • Durango/Ft Lewis MTB Camp (yeah! we figured out how to make this work!): June 15-22 – Total cost $550 – Each rider asked to contribute $180 or more. El Grupo will cover remaining fees.

Each of these are “all inclusive” costs – no other additional fees. The ONLY exception would be obtaining a US Passport ASAP if you are going to the Selection Camp.

As discussed at the meeting, we have ample paid work options for youth aged 14+ to help you raise the funds needed to participate. We do not want insufficient funds to be a deterrent to participating in these amazing opportunities – which is why El Grupo is contributing SO MUCH to make it possible for each and every one of you. If you would like to discuss fundraising ideas and options privately, please don’t hesitate to contact Daniela.