That was an exhausting weekend, however we did financially great and made almost 5% of our annual budget. So in those terms we did great.


Thank you everyone for all the time you put into the team. I know it is a lot. Things will slow down this week and by the end of April they will full come to a crawl. That will be nice for all of us.


No races this weekend or outreach events, or fundraisers.


Training Plan:


We are trying to get one last fitness bump before our big events. That is why we did all the hard work last week, and why we needed to ride on Sunday. The super biggies are coming and I really want everyone to have fun.



Morning ride starts at 6am now. If you can make it do it. However you then have to double up. I want the afternoon practice to be the priority.

Afternoon: Time Trial Intervals at Trails end 5X6 min efforts



More Time Trial intervals 10 min LT’s. 3-5.

3:45 and 4:30pm starts



Non Whiskey and Gila riders tempo team ride.

Whiskey and Gila Riders off.



No School for TUSD. I would like to leave early and ride up very high on the Mt. Lemmon. Cara maybe this is a day to ride to the top.



Old Man Shoot Out– 5:45am start

Big Boy Shoot Out– 6am start

C Team Ride– 6:30am start

If you ride Madera then, yes we will.

After the ride, big team breakfast at the house. Like a big one with dead stuff and vegetables.



If you can Mt Lemmon. 6am start

Whiskey riders you have been notified.

This is of course Easter so it is optional, and is determined by you and your family.


Who Won?

14 Responses to “Week of April 14th”

  1. Newben

    niki terpstra won, I won’t be able to come on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

  2. Cara

    I was hoping to go to the top of mt. Lemmon on friday, is there any responsible adult that wants to go to the top?