Whiskey Off-Road MTB Event

Thank you Shawn and Veronique for all your coordination help to make this such a special weekend. You two have come on in an amazing way this year and we are so happy and humbled to have your support.


Thank you to all the parents and Rachel who helped over the weekend as well. Damion, Chuck, Eric the team works best as a village and I thank you for your help.


Thank you to the riders for having the courage to start. Most, and many, would have walked away and not even tried. Quitting, complaining and giving excuses is way easier than trying. It does not matter that you did not finish, as the result was not the goal. The self pride and determination that you all showed in just starting teaches me a lot about who you all are, and it makes me proud to be your coach. You all believed that you could do something great, you had the training to do it, and you only pulled out when you physically could no more. You will forever be different people after having believed in yourself in such a way. You are now part of the 1%.


 Hello Gila

If we all go to Gila with the same self pride as the Whiskey riders had then I am confident that we are going to have a great weekend. Let’s not be afraid to be great. Let’s not be worried about results. Let’s not worry about “what if’s” or the future.

Let’s enjoy an amazing race with friends and realize that moments and times like this are once in a life time and let’s cherish the people and friends around us. The results do not matter.  The journey, self discoveries, and friendships are what matter. If we take care of each other then I promise we are going to have a great racing weekend just as we have enjoyed so many this year.


Gila Notes

Tuesday: Leaving the clubhouse at 4pm ish. Lets try to leave as early as we can to get to town.

The drive is 4 hours long and we lose a time zone on the way there. So we are going to get into town at approx. 9pm and we have to race early in the morning the next day.

I will be driving and Jim Stites will be with me along with Nick, Logan, Tyler, Daniel, Keenan, Christian and Ben.


Gear Bags: Please if possible bring them to the clubhouse or my house on Tuesday before school. That will allow me to pack the trailer while you are all in school. I will email gear list to everyone today.


Wednesday: leaving with Daniela from the clubhouse. We are still working on the departure time, but we should be leaving by 4pm at the latest.


The additional fee is $110 per rider for this event.


We are staying right in town, just a block away from turn 3 of the crit race – on the corner of Spring St & Cooper St.


Those riding Gila do try to ride to and from school each day or go on an opener ride on Monday. Keep the legs moving but nothing special.


Training plan for the week

Tuesday– Shawn will be taking you out on a fun ride. Not just a recovery ride.


Wednesday– Veronique’s fun ride. 4:30-6pm only.


Thursday– Barrio trails with Steve and Rachel. I am waiting to hear back from them. So this is still tentative.


Saturday– Old Man Shoot out 5:45am start. Meet at the clubhouse.

C Team ride 6:30am start. Meet at the clubhouse.



Sunday– Who wants to lead an MTB ride?


11 Responses to “Whiskey Congrats and Hello Gila, plus week’s training”

  1. Shawn

    Veronique and I will lead a MTB ride Sunday to Sweetwater from the clubhouse leaving at 6:30. We also will be at the clubhouse 5:30 Saturday for you shootout superstars.

  2. Connor

    I will not be at practice on Tuesday as I have a drama showcase

  3. Unai

    I can’t come tuesday, will come wednesday instead. Thursday as well.

  4. Steve Bohn

    I am good to help with a Thursday fun ride to Barrio Trails but would LOVE to consider an option of riding to the Urban Assault trail instead (River/Alvernon area-7 mile single track trail up/back, 25 mile round trip to/from clubhouse), which would be 2 hours and likely getting back a bit late.

    • Ron Harris

      Thanks for doing it Steve! Matt is totally psyched about a mt. ride!!

  5. Madison

    I will not be going to practice today because I have homework to catchup on

  6. Veronique

    I was just at the clubhouse. Bob Pearson is trying to move some stuff from his property and the Chevy Suburban is in the way. I told him folks were in Silver City but in case someone in town can move it he would appreciate it.

  7. Ignacio

    Thanks Ana. Yes there is a mountain bike ride leaving at 6:30am on Sunday. Should be about a 3 hour ride. Bring cold water and food.