Summer is almost here and with it comes a great opportunity to form great habits.


Good habits are hard to instill, and unfortunately bad habits are easy to create.


Consistency is the most important factor in creating good habits. These last two weeks have been difficult on everybody in their search for consistency, yet summer provides us the perfect opportunity to get back on track.


This week please focus on finishing school strong. We will have bike rides Tuesday and Wednesday for those that are able to come and for those that it helps study. I need to speak with coaches to see if someone can lead a practice on Thursday as I will be at Christians graduation.


Also if you are going to a USA cycling camp this summer please try and come this week at least one day.


Consistency is the foundation of how this team is run and how I create the schedule. If you are only coming once a week this will not work. You will not make the relationships with your teammates and coaches that are essential to this program. Without consistency you will not have any progress as each time you get on the bike it will be like starting at square one again. Please let us all focus on consistency this summer. It will help us create the camaraderie and friendships that make this a special team. It is critical to me that you are able to come at least to three practices a week.


Practice Schedule:


Tuesday: 4:30pm. Endurance Ride


Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30pm


Thursday: TBD


Luna Lake


I am so excited that almost everyone on the team will be along for this ride. We are only missing two team members and they will be missed. These sorts of trips are huge for building the team. These are trips that create ever lasting stories and friendships. Thank you to everyone who is able to join. I am very much looking forward to this trip.


Three days in beautiful country riding our bikes with friends. Not too bad.


Some of us will ride it leisurely, enjoying it however we like. Riding 150 miles total in three days.


While some of you should be looking at this as a High Altitude training camp. Riding 250 miles in three days.


Friday: Leaving the clubhouse at Noon.


I will have a gear list emailed to everyone tonight.


El Grupo has many tents however I need help going through them on Friday morning to determine how many have everything they need. Please let me know if you can help.



What is the key to have success within the EL Grupo system?

27 Responses to “Consistency and the Week of May 19th”

  1. Michelle helmke

    Chuck and I are Tim Carolyn’s thurday morning ride. It leaves river and Campbell at 7. I would be happy to bring anyone who wants to go. It’s about 45 miles. I can help with practice on Thursday night as well.

  2. Chloe

    woot woot!
    I will probably be able to help out on friday.

  3. Daniela

    It looks like it could rain this weekend where we are going. Please pack accordingly

  4. Logan

    Is there anyone that will be leaving later on Friday? My family will be in town and I would like to spend as much time as possible with them.

  5. Ignacio

    Logan I know that Cole will be leaving on Saturday morning, I do not
    know about others.

  6. Maya

    Consistency is the key to success, so good habits can be created.

  7. kyle

    Helmke’s cannot help with practice Thursday night and consistency is the key.

  8. Ana

    If there is practice on Thursday, I will not be able to go. I have a graduation to go to

    • Shawn

      We have room for one rider, their bike and gear. We plan on leaving town @ 3:30. Text me if you need a ride.

  9. Kate

    We have room for two more in our car. we are leaving on Saturday morning. we have graduation the night until 11ish. We are heading out by 7:oo am which will get us up there about noon at the latest. We will be driving to catch up with the team and putting Cole on the road as soon as we get sight of the team. We can take riders or adults. Kate