Progression. Your evolution, your path. Where you start from, where you are going, where you want to go, and the steps you take to get there.


Patience. The ability to allow time to be time and to understand that your path is unique, beautiful and original.


These are my dictionary definitions of these words. Words that I often think of when approaching my coaching of the team.


I am concerned with everyone’s progression. I want everyone to grow, mature and develop while on the team in many ways. Socially, emotionally, scholastically, physically and to never be afraid to dream big.


I never want anyone to think that dreams are too big, that aspirations are too grand. That is where patience comes in. No matter what you want, if you set course, have patience, and stay determined great things will come to you. Also, reaching the moon and not the stars is still pretty cool. As I have said before, having the courage to try is more than most people can muster, and it is the process, the progression that is more important than the outcome.


I begin with this because we are at a next phase in the year. We are coming out of the road season for some of us, while others of us are getting ready for some of the biggest training camps we have ever been too.


For those going to the training camps. Just worry about yourself and being your best. Think about where you have come from and be proud of you and your progression. Compare you against you! That is key. Be proud of you. None of you going to these camps on day 1 was a natural, a phenom. You have all worked to get where you are and are all total successes for it. Do not worry about an outcome at camp to justify who you are.


However, do not go to camp afraid. You have earned the right to go to camp and I want each of you to ride with that knowledge and pride. You have not been given this opportunity; you earned it. You deserve to be there.


So in these few weeks of training as we prepare for camps, let’s be proud of our progression and have pride in who we are, and let’s go to camp to show the nation who we are.


For those of us going to Durango. Patience. I hope that most of you are looking at the kids that are going to the camps and are thinking that you too would like to be going. Well…. Patience. Keep doing what you doing. Trust the program that we have created. Be consistent. Be consistent. Be consistent. Put the dedicated time in and your rewards will come. Many and most of you are on the right path and now just need to allow time to be time and keep putting in the hard work. For some, things happen faster than others, but the most patient will always prevail.


We are going to have an incredible time in Durango, mountain biking on different trails everyday, rafting down rivers, playing on a pump track everyday, and not being hot all day.


My Durango crew this year is my team of the future and I look forward to building something great with all of you.


Madison and Ana now deserve a shout out. This past week we rode A Mountain. I asked that each person riding took their times so they would be aware of the workout that they had been assigned. For the first time ever the girls knew exactly what their times were after practice and they were right on with what the work out was. I was very proud of them. They understood the practice, they preformed the workout as asked, and could verify such. That is the great beginning of good training. Understanding, performing and acknowledging with a metric how it was done.


Well done, ladies.


Please everyone just post your name if you read above. I do think about this a lot, so please if you actually read what I wrote, please post just your name.


Training Plan


Last week many of you rightfully took practice off. I thank you for doing so. Understanding when we need a break is critical in preventing burnout.


However, this week as much as possible, I want us to get to the routine so we do not forget it. Good habits are hard to create and bad ones easy to start.


Of course, school comes first and if ever you need to prepare for a test please do so. However, let’s get the band back together.


Tuesday– 4:30- 5:30pm Yoga at the clubhouse with Daniela

I want to make this almost mandatory. Unless you have school or family obligations let’s get everyone together in this fashion. Also, all parents and loved ones are invited to join. We will practice in the clubhouse area. This will be restorative and energizing with some visualization work. I want to get us all together energized about the summer and goals to come.



3:45 and 4:30 pm starts.

Road Ride with hills.



Skills at the park. Very structured, no ball games. Old School skills.


Notice the top end speed at the end of the race by Marianne.








20 Responses to “Patience and Progression”

  1. Ana

    Thank you for the shout out! I definitely feel like I have been taking every workout more seriously and I am very excited about this summer

  2. Connor

    Connor “condog” “notorious TIG” “cara nino” Adkisson

  3. Madison

    Thanks for the shout out. My dreams are progressing as the cycling seasons grow. I’ve been having fun and enjoying every moment of cycling an El Grupo. Thank you for your support!
    Madison Major

  4. Steve Bohn

    Nice words from the coach and deserved shout-outs to Ana and Maddy! I will not be able to make practice on Thursday or the SO so best of luck to everyone!

  5. Shawn

    Great yoga class! Amazing summer for everyone just around the corner. I’m looking forward to Luna Lake as a fun kick-off. Long ride in the cool pines with awesome people? Yes please!!!

  6. Maya

    Maya, and thank you for writing such an inspiring post!