Luna Lake!!! Well that was fun. Really I had an amazing weekend and I want to thank everyone for making it so much fun.


Unfortunately I some how lost that little blue camera that I had, so all my pictures and video are lost. However its just a material item, so I will not stress. That and I am sure Damion has a few to share with us.


Thank you to all the riders as well. I am impressed and inspired by every one of you!!


Training Plan for this week: And a preview of what is to come


USA Cycling Campers:


5:45am Sharp leaving the clubhouse. Meeting up with the Fairwheel ride that heads to Mt Lemmon, which leaves Main Gate square at 6am sharp. You may meet along the way if you like. Endurance/ Recovery day on the mountain to Molino.



6am Sharp.

3X 5 minute VO2 max climbing intervals.



4:30- 6pm Mechanics Workshop with Shawn.


Saturday: Shoot Out Plus Helmet


Sunday: TBD


Durango Campers:



Mt. Lemmon Optional. Look above for info.


Noon: Camp preparations meeting.



6am sharp leaving the clubhouse to ride mountain bikes with Shawn and me.



4:30- 6pm Mechanics workshop. I really want all of you at this!!



Old Man Shoot Out.

6:30am Julia ride. Genea, Leila, and Unai





Durango Campers Week of June 2nd and 9th

Bike Camp week. No practices. Just fun with younger kids, and learning to be the next generation of leaders. Weekend rides though.



I thought about this a lot while Christian and Logan graduated, and Damiano turned a year older.




What is the Useless place?



13 Responses to “Week of May 26th”

  1. Nick

    The waiting place!!! I love that book. Camp sounds very fun

  2. Madison

    What time do we expect to be back from the mountain bike ride tomorrow? My mom is trying to plan transportation. Thx.

  3. Steve Bohn

    Thanks Coach Glick for busting our butts on the Gates Pass backside repasts and Starr Pass bursts. I am freaking toast but it hurt good.