Season goals are hard to work for. You have to set out on a path that when you start seems almost impossible. Dreams usually are, far fetched and slightly crazy. Only the truly inspired and slightly crazy dare take the road to chase dreams.


Most people find the journey too scary and thus decide never to try. But of course if you never try then you always fail. True accomplishment is believing in yourself enough to try. With trying comes, trust, and with trust of yourself you can always care for yourself and others.


This is what I am most proud of. The whole  Gila team this year set out with goals that no other collection of El Grupo riders had ever accomplished. They were treading new territory and they trusted themselves and each other to try. That is why we had the amazing accomplishments that we did and each youth during the race again had to dig deep to finish.


I could not be prouder of this team and what we achieved. I thank each one of them and their families for trusting me, the team, and all the coaches enough to take the journey with us.


Two comments that stand out from the weekend:


Wendy was our host at the house we stayed at and upon leaving she told us that when she told people around town that El Grupo would be staying with her, people lit up and spoke very highly of the team.


And here a note we got today on Facebook.

I want to express the gratitude of San Tan Racing for the kids ofEl Grupo Youth Cycling at Tour of the Gila. Not only did they do a great job racing, but they showed great sportsmanship and maturity towards other racers. — with Kirk Klepfer and Sean McCormack.


For the next three weeks until school is over, everything is optional. Remember school comes before El Grupo and I want everyone to finish the year strong. Please come when you can but put school first.


Training Plan:


Tuesday– Clubhouse clean up. Gila riders will also be presenting about their experience this year. I will also take time to talk about the race and my emotions. No riding.


Wednesday– Loop ride recovery style. 4:30- 6pm only.


Thursday– Ladies A mtn repeats to prepare for the weekend.

Gentleman– Recovery ride, unless you did not ride Gila and you really want to go up the hill.


Weekend: To be determined

8 Responses to “Week of May the 5th”

  1. madison

    I’m looking foward to this race on Saturday GO HILLS!!!!!

  2. madison

    Also I vote on sleeping over at the house because I have a musical preformence on that night so I can just come over after my play

  3. Madison

    Oops that last comment was for the email great job Gila !

  4. Julia

    If anyone is interested in doing some academic support outside of the Monday tutoring hours leave a comment here. I was thinking I could be available on Thursday around 5-7, Sunday in the late afternoon/early evening, Monday 5/12 as usual, and other days just ask and we can figure it out. I won’t be at the clubhouse on days other than tutoring unless people comment/get to me about wanting it so just let me know!

  5. Steve Bohn

    Awesome job all Gila riders, coaches, support crews. Spanking those cat 3 dudes and gals!! Kudos Christian for kicking butt in the elite category too! I will sadly miss the Thursday practice this week due to fishing trip up north (darn!) but will be bringing by a TBC donation for El Grupo today.