As you all know Logan, Christian, Keenan, Ben, Nick and Daniel are all up in Flagstaff right now trying to make it to the biggest race in the Americas. The camp started yesterday and I have the first report from them.


The camp is essentially a stage race consisting of 4 time trials and 2 crit races. The top 18 of the 24 who are participating will get the opportunity.


Yesterdays time trial was a short, steep hill climb. They had to do it three times and of course the times are added together to rank the riders.


I am not going to name, names and places, but I will give everyone the results.


16th place, 13th place, 7th place, 5th place, 4th place and 1st.


I got the call from Keenan last night and he was very excited about the whole experience. Ben also text-ed me yesterday and said that our boys were the most prepared as well when it came to the skills portion of the days. He said El Grupo is like this camp everyday and that they knew exactly what do at every point.


This meant a lot to me. That the boys are acknowledging on their own how prepared they are and how much El Grupo has been able to provide. This is a testament to our structure and our team. Thank you to everyone who along the way has helped. This is for us all.


Tomorrow they will do a long hill climb and I will post the results in the morning. Please everyone let them know how much you care and that you are pulling for them.



Also this video describes a lot of what I do as a coach. Not all of it is relevant to me, but much of it is.


Remember all of these kids are pure EL Grupo products. All of them got their first road bike with us, their first shoes, put their first number on. They are here because they have trusted and respected our system and they believed that one day they could be here.

04/28/12 AZ State Criterium


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    • Ana

      Yes. Keenan and Ben have another triplet whose name is Keenan and he replaces Keenan when he is tired which explains why Keenan is so awesome