I love the Durango trips and really any travel trips that we go on. They allow us to come together in a special way that is only possible when we get out of our comfort zones and home and have to rely on each other. The future of El Grupo looks very bright, the crew that went to Durango is the future and I am so excited.


Durango and others training plan ( not L’Abitibi or nationals riders) : Until mid July we are going to be focusing on strength through cross training. I know many of you are going on vacation as well and I think that is great. This week will be similar to what we are going to do the for the next few weeks.


Tuesday: Yoga ( not Steve Ilg style) 11:30- 12:30


Wednesday: Yoga Steve Ilg style 11:30- 12:30pm


Thursday: Tempo Ride 6- 8:30am


Also on Thursday at 5:30pm at the clubhouse we are going to be having an Open House for new riders. If you know of someone who wants to come please let them know. Or if you want to come and speak to the potential riders about your experience that would be great.


Saturday: Shoot Out


Sunday: MTB  6am starts


Also this week I am going to be running a build a bike class at the clubhouse from 1-4pm. So if you are interested you must comment or I will not allow you in the class. This will be a Monday to Friday class. I will provide bikes!




10 Responses to “Week of June 23rd”

  1. Cara

    I would also like to participate in the build-a-bike class.

  2. Kate

    I missed this communication – can I come tomorrow to build a bike? Kate

  3. Sam

    Wish I could build a bike. I will be in Colorado for another week

  4. Steve Bohn

    I won’t be able to help out with Thursday am practice but plan on coming to the new rider orientation in the evening. I may even bring a guest 😉

  5. Ben

    If y’all are interested in entering a fantasy Tour de France team, I have made a league. Here is the link and code:

    The league codea for Velogames fantasy league: 30063844