Bike Camp starts tomorrow. 


Please arrive sharp at 7am, ready to go.


Bring a good lunch with you.


Post work, strength work out will commence at the end of the work day.


We will do strength training Monday- Thursday this week.


We should be done by 3pm, everyday.


The Tour de L’Abitibi starts tomorrow and if possible e everyone should try and watch. The video feed is poor, but worth it. It can be found here:  From there just follow the links to the live video.


Everyone of the kids at this race is a pure El Grupo team product. They all rode their first road bikes, got their first shoes, first shorts, first jerseys, with El Grupo. If you think what they are doing is special and cool, then dream the same dream. It is not beyond you. I believe that many of you can do the same. I hope this is not the greatest team that we ever put together.

Also Tyler as you all now know is at a camp in Holland. He is living his dream as well, mostly because he was not afraid to dream this dream. He has been laser focused on this for years and it is paying off big.


These are opportunities in front of all of you. It may take you longer, or your road to it might be different, but it is possible. Every one of your teammates racing internationally came to this team not as the greatest athletes, but as dreamers. Some of them started with no dreams at all, they just wanted to have fun. Thats how it starts. Be consistent, have fun, then lets see where your dreams take you.




09/11/11 AZ State Individual Time Trial







4 Responses to “Bike Camp, L’Abitibi and Tyler”

  1. madison

    Go L’Abitibi! were ben and keenan that small? Ya bike camp and stanch traningh

  2. Daniela

    Just for your planning purposes – and especially if you will be only joining up for practice. Please plan on arriving by 1:30pm and we will be done by 3pm, if not sooner. Thanks!