Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a great week, I for sure did.


We have an exciting fall race season before us and we hit the go button tomorrow.


If you are in high school we have the mountain bike league to look forward to and I am shooting to win the championship again. You will also get to race the Hillclimb champs. However not the Time Trials. I wish, but alas.

If you are in middle school you will have a chance to race the individual time trial champs, the hill climb champs and the Tour of the White Mountains.


All of this happens before the cyclocross season. Crazy I know.


First though we want to be fast for September 14th. This is the first HS mtb race and its before the time trials.


That is 9 weeks away.


These next three weeks we are going to work on power and steady state speed.


Please be as consistent as possible. Our training style only works if you are consistent. It is one of the three c’s you signed up for. Commitment means you are present. I am very excited to see everyone back in action.


Week 1– July 14th week.


M0nday– Strength training with Daniela. 4pm prompt.


Tuesday– Morning ride 6am sharp start.

4pm strength training with Daniela


Wednesday– I need a coach for a morning ride. 2-3 hours steady. Up the Lemmon maybe with the group. Damion?

3pm Rider team meeting. Mandatory.

4pm strength training with Daniela


Thursday– Bike rodeo at Lineweaver Elementary. If you work and get paid bike camp, you can work and get paid for this. Please post and let me know if you can.


Friday– 6am MTB ride. Sharp. After the ride stay for snacks and for Bike camp set up. If you are working camp this is mandatory. Should only take about an hour, we will also have a round table talk to prep.


Saturday– Shoot outs.


Sunday– More MTB fun. 6am sharp.



17 Responses to “Training plan for the week of July 14th”

  1. madison

    YAA HILLS!!!!! But I won’t be there on Wednesday do to a championship swim meet

  2. Ana

    So excited!! Is the meeting going to be before strength training??

  3. ignacio

    Sorry for the mix ups. I want to have a rider meeting on Wednesday at 3pm before strength training. I just want to take the long view of the fall season with everyone so we all move forward together.

  4. Daniela

    3pm Wednesday Rider & coach meeting at clubhouse. No need for parents, but welcome to join as possible. This is talking about the training plans for the fall. Yes, this is before the strength training.

  5. Steve Bohn

    OK..here’s the deal for the Wed am climbers. Meet at the clubhouse EARLY for a 5:50am departure up Lemmon..we will connect with the Fairwheel Lemmon ride at Main Gate..or also meet us in route if that works for the midtown/ eastsiders. Plan is to ride up to 7 Cats if that’s OK with Ignacio?

  6. sam

    I have a piano lesson at 3:30 on Wednesday and can’t be at the meeting. I will have lessons every Wednesday and be unable to do anything else at that time.

  7. cole

    I will be there for Friday if possible can I meet before that to fix my mountain bike
    text me ignocio

  8. Unai

    My parents couldn’t take me today, will come Sunday for sure, possibly tomorrow.

  9. Steve Bohn

    Details on the Sunday mtb ride-where?? Starr Pass looked nice in Damion’s photos 😉