September 14th we want to be fast again. Lets remember that date as we prepare. For some us that is for the HSMTB race and for some us that is the Time Trial Championships.


This week is going to be a skills week. Since this is our first week of after school practice I want us to ease into the after school heat. Please plan accordingly.


Monday– Academic Hours 4-7pm

Tuesday– Mountain bike hole shot practice, park setting

Wednesday– Endurance ride.

6pm L’Abitibi Presentation by riders. One Hour.

Thursday– MTB skills day, Barrio trails

Friday– Open shop mechanical hours. 4-7pm.

Saturday– Old Man Shoot Out 5:45 am

Big Boy Shoot Out 6 am

Colin and Julia’s– 6:15 am

Sunday– MTB 6am leave the clubhouse


After this week we will have a 3 week building block, then we will have another skills week, which will put us one week away from the first race. The week before the race we will ramp into it. There is a plan!!


A team please come by early this week and clean up after yourselves. The place is mess from your L’Abitibi stuff. Please come and clean it up.


Please be aware that only those with good attendance will be allowed to race.


Please all high school students check out the league website :

Also please be aware that there are extra costs for this. Please familiarize yourself with these.



Question:  How you do anything is how you do _______________?

6 Responses to “Back to school back to Training”

  1. madison

    I will not be attending practice this week do to my ingrown toenail. My doctor told me that I can’t ride till Friday. 🙁

  2. Steve Bohn

    Everything..every time..every day. See everyone on will be my “normal” assistant coach day 😉 .