Thank you everyone for the enjoyable evening. I very much enjoyed myself, and it seemed like everyone else did as well.


We are five weeks out from the first race. It is go time in terms of hard training. If you want to be fast at the races. Be consistent now. Come now. Work your tail off now. Your race starts tomorrow. Not in 5 weeks.


If the races come and you have not done your work, you will know.


If you have not done your work and you love the races and then you want to work. It will be to late. It is go time now.


This is also totally true for the middle school students who have 5 weeks until the Time Trial Championships. The race starts now.


The next five weeks play out like this:

Week one: VO2 max. Intervals

Week two: VO2 max intervals. After this we should have a fitness bump that will allow us to do even better work in week 3.

Week Three: LT intervals

Week Four: Skills

Week Five: Build into the race.


The information for the league can be found here:


Information for the time trials can be found here:


I should have sent everyone an email who did the league last year. Please follow the instructions in this email and sign yourselves up for the league. This is the final week. Please do it this week. If you need help we have computers at the clubhouse. Please ask.


Also on the home page of the League web page there is a link if you wish to apply for a scholarship. We will need help to pay for the race season. Please everyone fill this out!!! Again if you need help ask.


Question: What must you fill out?

If you do not answer the question before Wednesday practice you will have push ups to do. It must be answered on this blog.


Practice Schedule:


Tuesday: 5x 3 min VO2 max intervals. Irvington place.

Wednesday: 5x 3 min VO2 max intervals. Trials End

3:45 and 4:30pm starts. Veronique and Colin lead the 4:30.

Thursday: Barrio Trails short track mtb races.

Saturday: Shoot Out or morning ride

5:45, 6:00 or C team at 6:15

Sunday: MTB Fun 6am start



9 Responses to “Lookin ahead to the High School League”

  1. Leila

    High school mtb. Legue papers and the scholarship form need to be filled out

  2. kajeme

    Highschool mtb papers and scholarships form need to be filled out to also practice calendar.

  3. Chloe

    High school mountain bike league papers and scholarship form must be filled out

  4. Maya

    The high school mountain bike league papers and scholarship form must be filled out.

  5. Steve Bohn

    Good luck on the Shoot Out(s) gang..take the bridge, mailboxes and sprint hill. I’m opting for a LeScomparse team ride Sat am..cheers!