We now have just three weeks left until the racing begins. Your consistency is ever important now, just as much as the hard work.


I will be gone on vacation starting the 23rd of August (this Saturday) and will be returning on the 7th of September (Sunday).


A great coaching staff has been assembled to take care of all practices.


Please, riders be respectful and kind and work hard. Be even nicer to them, than you are to me.


Training Plan


Weekend of August 23 and 24

This is the end of week 2 in our training block. That means I want a little more novel stress this week than over last weekend.

***All rides start and end at the Clubhouse now, breakfast will be at the clubhouse.***

Old Man Riders:

If you are winning it and consistently making it around, then this week I want you to attack more. Make the ride as hard as you can for yourself, then finish on top of A mountain.

If you are not making it around, then I want you to catch back on the ride at the bottom of Helmet peak, and then you have to do 2 A mountains.


Big Boy Riders:

Everyone comes up Helmet peak.


C Team Riders:

Colin and Julia will have a slightly longer and harder ride for you this week.


Sunday 24th Mountain bike day

6am start everyone from Clubhouse

A Team—Longer ride at least 3 hours.


B Team—3 hours as well

C Team – Solid 2+ hours at least


Week of August the 25th


After two weeks of VO2 max training we hopefully have seen a power bump and are now ready to move into some longer LT intervals. This should prepare us for the sustained efforts we will find in the mountain bike races and also for the time trials to come.

Every practice has great intent. The more you make, the better.


Tuesday – Aug 26th

A Team—Trails End. 3-4 times. Go straight there up 3-4 times and down. At LT of course. I want 3x 8 min LT efforts with 4-5 min rest in between.  Get out on time. This practice will be close to going over time.


B/C Team—Same efforts 3×8  min. However we are going to use the river path. The east side of the Santa Cruz path. Start the effort just north of Grant. Go out for 8 min. Continue north for 4, then turn around and do the second effort, continue south then turn again and head north for the 3rd effort. Upon completion head south again back into town. Be mindful and careful on the path, but since ridership on that side is so low I think it will be just fine.


Wednesday – Aug 27th

A Team—Mission Road. 3x 10 min LT’s. The first one go out towards the bridge, but when you go to recover do so heading back into town. So turn around. Then turn around again to start the second one. So you will be heading south bound for number 2. Then again turn around for the recovery. Then again turn around and do the third one heading south bound. Once done, watch the clock and if you have time to roll more, do so.


B/C Team—Santa Cruz River Path. 3x 10 LT intervals. See Tuesday practice for ideas.


Thursday— Aug 28th

Hole Shot practice. 5 hole shots. Then 2 15 min. races. Full GAS.


Saturday Aug. 30th


Old Man Riders.

Really get after it this week. You all have three weeks of good training in you and you should be feeling strong but tired. You have real strength now, so have fun attacking. Once at Helmet peak turn around and go hook up with the big boys. I want you all to ride up Helmet with them and back into town. You are ready for this.


If you do not make it around then you must still ride the whole course. Coaches please know who is sweep before the ride starts.


Big Boy

Up Helmet, find the Old Man Riders, then finish on A mountain.


C Team

Put in a great long steady, hard ride. See if you can’t get them to attack each other.


Sunday – Aug 31st


ALL teams. Mountain bike. 3 hours. Choose your own adventure.



Week of September 1st.

After three hard weeks we need to rest. Without rest your body cannot recover and rebuild. You must honor this week. However the only reason that this week can work is if you have put in the proper work beforehand. Do the little things this week. Get to bed early. Get caught up on all your homework. The little things add up.


Tuesday September 2nd.

MTB skills at the park. ***No Spandies.*** (a.k.a. street clothes)


Wednesday – Sept 3rd

Loop Recovery. 3:45 start timers use the whole time. So ride extra. Nothing over 130 heart rate.


Thursday – Sept 4th

MTB hole shot practice. With 1 ten minute race. This will help open us up for the weekend.


Saturday – Sept 6th

After this rest week, which followed three weeks of hard training we should be really ready to put in a great shoot out. This is the week that many should see their personal records broken. Get very excited for this one. You will feel great, so capitalize on it.


Old Man Riders

Those of you who are getting over the bridge consistently but not all the way, this is your week. Today you make it around. Believe in this and it will happen. Encourage each other to do it. Believe in each other.

If you make it every time, if I was in town, we would be trying the big boy on a week like this. However since I am not around, go and win it. Win it big. Go for breaks. Crush it.


Big Boy

Go Big. Win everything. Be in every break. Crush

C Team.

Have a fun ride that ends on A mountain. Get everyone’s time if you can. This will be a great bench mark for us.


Sunday – Sept 7th

MTB Fun Day. 2 hours choose your own adventure.


I will return for practice on the 9th of September.

Have fun, be nice, and look out for one another.

7 Responses to “The Next Two Weeks”

  1. Quinn Agnew

    Out sick–won’t make it this afternoon (Tues. Aug. 26th)

  2. Parris Humphrey

    Hi all! Got up to help with practice this morning but am feeling very much under the weather.. Sorry to have to duck out today, but I’ll see you all Wednesday. Enjoy today!

  3. Michelle and chuck

    We’re going up Madera on Saturday the 6th of Sep. Come prepared if you want to go, the more the merrier

  4. Shawn Gregore

    Hi All!!
    Sunday MTB(Sept 7) will be a fun and challenging new loop on the west side. Come prepared to have a great ride RAIN OR SHINE! This loop that Veronique came up with has something for EVERYONE.
    We look forward to seeing you all there. Please let us know you’re coming here on the blog. You know you are…


  5. Veronique

    Also for Sunday: we’d like the A team riders to join us for the first part of the ride before we send you off on your own. We have a fun little race course we’d like everyone to do. 6 am leaving from the clubhouse.