That’s right. I am always thinking about this. Your training that is. I am always trying to create the best training plan possible so that everyone can achieve the goals that they have set forth.


I am making some changes to tomorrow and to next week upon the information I viewed from this past week.


Some of you need the time on the mountain, others of you need the time in the dirt.


Those of you that I want to ride mount Lemmon tomorrow:


Tyler, Daniel, Keenan, Ben, Leo


I believe that you boys have the skills in the dirt that are necessary to have a great race in Flagstaff. I want you guys to prime your engine for the race. You should do 2x 20 min intervals. You have spoken to me about what to do, so have fun with it. Leaving the clubhouse at 6:30am.


Cara, Kyle and Unai you have the choice of joining them tomorrow. Unai since you might do the hill climb I want you to get these climbing miles in, Cara and Kyle I believe you have the dirt skills but want to give you the option.


Those of you that I want to mountain bike with:


Ana, Colter, Chloe, Isabel, Collin, Newben, Sam, Leila, Genea, Cole, Avery


We will leave the clubhouse at 6:30am as well.


Next week this changes the plan a bit, but all of this is getting us ready to have another great weekend.


I will post next weeks plan tomorrow.





3 Responses to “Always thinking”

  1. TBC Steve

    I would love to join the dirt brigade but I’m in charge of getting Ashlyn to a BB tourney in the am. ENJOY the dirt!