Riders Registered:

EL Grupo Composite Team

NewBen, Chloe, Hanes, Isabel, Kyle, Sam, Tyler


Avery– we need to fill paper work out and pay for you


Tucson High Team

Ben, Cara, Colter, Daniel, Genea, Keenan, Leila, Leo, Nick,


Gear lists were handed out yesterday. Pack smart.


Team jerseys will be provided by the team.

Shorts wear last years Blackbottoms shorts as option A, Option B is all Black, option C is this years Voler.


You must wear gloves and glasses during the race.


Departing time:

9:30am from the Clubhouse.


2pm. Arrive in Prescott at Race course.

3pm on course preriding and doing openers

4pm off course and setting up camp

5-9pm eating dinner, doing homework


Returning time:

late Sunday approx. 8pm. hopefully sooner


Cars and drivers:

Total racers– 18.

Team red van– 11 seats minus Daniela, Damiano, and me. 8 sets left.

Seats needed– 10– 11 would be best.


Kate and Bob will be driving and their car will be a quite homework car in both directions. If another parent could do this as well that would be great.


Please post if you plan on driving. We need the help.



El Grupo will be providing :

Saturday– Lunch and Dinner

Sunday– Breakfast, Lunch and after race food.


We will plan on providing food to riders. If you plan on joining us please come with enough food for yourself and your family. We as a team will plan on having enough good food for the riders.


El Grupo will be providing the kitchen and cooking equipment.


If you are not coming and want to contribute, snack foods are great. Fruit is BEST.


Information about the race can be found here:


3 Responses to “HSMTB Coordination Notes”

  1. Kristi

    Eric will be driving. He can take Colter plus two more riders as well as three bikes I believe.

  2. Chris ONeill

    I’m going and taking the sequoia and a small trailer. The truck seats 8 so Leo, Cara, myself plus 4-5 kids.
    Will be woot woot x 8!