First, let’s take a second to acknowledge the achievements of this past weekend.


Pretty impressive, I would say.


Susie, Ana, Quinn and Nick all won state championships in the Individual time trial while Matthew Harris, Kajeme, Zayk, Unai, and Madison got on the podium. Well done to them all, and thank you to Shawn, Veronique and the other parents that went to help make the event so successful. Thank you all.


Then, of course, we had the first High School Mountain bike race. If you have not heard, it went incredibly well. We won 6 of the 8 over all races and took the over all win with Tucson High.


Winners and Podiums:

Freshman Girls: Chloe 1st

Freshman Boys: Cole 1st, Colter 2nd

Sophomore Boys: Kyle 3rd

Sophomore Girls: Isabel 1st

JV Girls: Cara 1st, Genea 5th

JV Boys: Leo 1st

Varsity Boys: Ben Duncan 1st , Tyler 5th


Of course, podiums and wins are fun, but not the whole story. Every youth on our team raced their hearts out with pride and should be very proud. It takes a whole team to have the success we did. Thank you to all the wonderful parents and supporters who came out to make this possible. You all make this team great.


This was only the first of 5 High School races so we have a lot of work left to do. We cannot get complacent or content. If we are going to succeed overall we need to stay VERY hungry.


Practice Schedule and intent

This is a week 2. Last week we built into our race and now we want to continue on a build trajectory. Next week we will taper into the race just a bit.


Tuesday: Endurance Road ride. We want to get out and move our legs, not tax them, not just recovery, but get blood to all levels.


Wednesday: 4 x 8 min LT. The next race is a climbers delight. We need to be ready to hang in the red zone. Last week we did 3 of these so we need to build.


Thursday: 3x 10 min MTB races at himmel park. Using the cross race course. Or maybe we use the Starr Pass course. Please post your preference.


Saturday: Shoot Outs or Morning rides. C team starts at 6:30am.

Big Boy 6:30am. You will do extra Helmet at least.

Old Man 6:15am. You will do Helmet with the big boys.


Also on Saturday: El Rio Health Fair outreach & work opportunity – we will need two shifts of 9:30am – 11:30am and 11:30am – 1:30pm. More on that later in the week. This will be standard fitting kids with helmets, leading them through an obstacle course, and fun with kids on bikes!


Also on Saturday: El Grupito Kick-off – 3pm at clubhouse – optional for some riders to join to help welcome some younger members to our new pilot program. More on that later in the week.


Sunday: 6:30am start

Options: Mt Lemmon on Road bikes with structured intervals


Reddington Road on Mountain bikes with Structured intervals.


Please post your preferences or I will decide.


There is so much left to race for and to work for. Yes enjoy your performances from last week but as soon as we start to pedal today, its start over time.

12 Responses to “Practice Schedule week of September 16th”

  1. Genea

    I am unable to attend practice on Thursday because I have a NHS commitment. I would like to ride mt Lemmon on Sunday.

  2. Steve Bohn

    CONGRATS to all who raced, gave it their all and the results speak for themselves. So proud to be a part of this amazing grass roots youth cycling team that just happens to be like a lightening rod on a big chain ring. Himmel for Thursday but Starr Pass sounds fun too…