Here we go. Race #2 for the high school league is this weekend in Flagstaff.


We are going to marked riders out there this weekend. Everyone is gunning for us. We are on top and everyone wants to take us down. This is a hard position to be in.


We will be ready.

Control the controllables this week. The little things count and add up. ( Have you heard this before?)


Last week was a week 2. I wanted to apply some extra stress after the race knowing that we would have time to get primed for this weeks race. By Thursday many of you looked cooked so that is why I toned down this past weekend. I did not want you getting to today tired.


That is why I changed the Sunday practice for many of you. I am happy we did.


How we will get ready to race:


Tuesday: Recovery Ride. This is to prime us for intervals tomorrow. We need to move our legs on the bike to get blood to the exact working muscles. This will help us recover from last week and prepare us for a great week.


Wednesday: 3X 8 LT. This will help us get ready for a climbing heavy weekend. It will open us up, not cook us, and it will remind us of how to go fast.


Thursday: 1 ten minute race at Himmel Park. This is just enough to open us up and allows us to work on diving through turns and how to sprint.


Saturday: We leave for the races. While the rest of the team gets a great training weekend.


Sunday: Mandatory Tour of the White mountains epic ride.


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  1. Susie

    I will be here on thursday because i missed tuesday and mom dosent have faculty meetings!!!!