The races are finally here. You have been working very hard and now we get our chance to find out where we are.


I hope you are all feeling fresh after the rest week.


I hope you are all had a good two weeks and are excited to get ready for the races.


The little things really count this week. Be mindful.


Get your homework done on time as well, so that this weekend you can just have fun.


Last year I learned that you all liked to build into the races rather than rest into them. So that is how I structured the training. We are going to build into this race weekend.


Training Plan:


Tuesday: Hole Shot Practice with Skills at the Park. Oury Park


Wednesday: 3X 8 min. LT

3:45 and 4:30 start times


Thursday: 2– 10 min races. MTB’s


Saturday: High school racers. Later in the week I will put more travel information up.

Sunday: Middle School Time Trial Racers. Later in the week I will put more travel information up. Shawn and Veronique will be leading this trip.


Time Trialers: Please post within the next day if you would like me to sign you up. You must post to be allowed to race.


High schoolers: Please post if you want to race.


I am excited to be back. We had a great little break.


I will try and put together a recap of our trip if people are interested.


This one starts at bit slow but by 2;16 it gets good.

22 Responses to “The Races are coming, the Races are coming”

  1. Madison

    Yes, I would like to race the time trial this weekend! Can’t wait! Madison

  2. Zayk

    Welcome back! Zayk is planning to do the 10 – 12 TT and is signed up; we will get you his license info for next time. Expect to have people/bike space in/on our van.

  3. Shawn Gregore

    We must send in names of riders for the Tour of the White Mountains today. We invite the following middle school riders to join us Sat., October 4 for this challenging event: Madison, Ana, Matt, Kajeme and Avery. We leave on Friday morning and return Sunday arriving in Tucson in the afternoon. ****Please let us know ASAP if you cannot attend for some reason.**** You can respond to this post or contact myself or Veronique directly. For the newer riders, please program our numbers into your phones, you should have them. 404-4851; Veronique: 977-6461. Please contact us with any questions you may have as well. The Epic Rides website has more information about the course.

    • Becki

      Madison will be so very excited that she was chosen for this event! Count her in!

  4. Avery

    I will not be at practice today, Thursday 9/11, because I have a swim meet in Douglas.